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Highlights of Arab Leaders’ Speeches at the Opening Ceremony

At the opening ceremony of the China-Arab States Political Parties Dialogue Extraordinary Meeting, leaders from Arab countries and parties expressed appreciation of China’s efforts in fighting the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), and voiced strong expectations of strengthening cooperation with China. These are some highlights from their speeches:

Sultan al-Barkani 

Deputy Secretary of the General People’s Congress and Speaker of House of Representatives, Yemen

We are not surprised by the overwhelming victory China achieved in fighting the epidemic in such a short period, and I think no one in the world will be surprised. China has always impressed the world with its achievements comparable to miracles in its history, and all that was achievable due to the fact that China is determined and organized, and takes a scientific approach and shows an unbreakable will of steel.

Suleiman al-Omrani 

Deputy General Secretary of the Justice and Development Party, Morocco

Morocco and China should cooperate in many important fields such as culture, tourism, aviation, and digital transformation to promote the continuous development of the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Ayad Allawi 

Former Prime Minister of Iraq and Founder of Iraqi National Accord

The mutual assistance between China and the Arab countries helps to enhance bilateral strategic cooperation.

Sadig al-Mahdi 

Former Sudanese Prime Minister and leader of the Umma Party

We appreciate China's development achievements and believe that China's development is in the common interest of all humanity.

Abbas Zaki 

Member of the Fatah Central Committee and Fatah Commissioner for Arab and China Relations, Palestine

We believe that the Communist Party of China has the ability to lead the Chinese people to create a better future.

Baadji Abou EI Fadhel 

Secretary-General of National Liberation Front, Algeria

We oppose the politicization of the epidemic and reject blaming specific countries. We call for urgent and efficient international anti-epidemic cooperation, strengthening medical cooperation, and providing technical and material support to developing countries.

Sidi Mohammed Taleb Amal 

Chairman of the Alliance Pour la République, Mauritania

The COVID-19 epidemic is raging around the world. Public opinion leaders and people of all countries should unite together to fight against the epidemic.

Ahmed Hariri 

Secretary General of the Future Movement, Lebanon

The Communist Party of China, the Chinese Government and the people united together in responding to the challenge of the pandemic and achieved great success, setting an example for all countries in the world.

Essam Khalil 

Head of Free Egyptians Party

China has accumulated rich experience in the fight against the epidemic and is about to win its final victory. Thanks to China for sharing the diagnosis and treatment experience with us. We have benefited greatly from it.

Salah Adly 

General Secretary of the Egyptian Communist Party

Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, China has won a major victory against the epidemic. Moreover, China has reached out to other countries and people in time. This shows the strengths of the socialist system in dealing with crises.

Hanin Nimr 

Chairman of the Syrian Communist Party (Unified)

The measures that China has been taking insulated Chinese people from greater impact of the COVID-19, and set a unique and successful example to the rest of the world.


Nidal Mudiya 

Deputy General Secretary of the Jordanian Communist Party

The Communist Party of Jordan calls on the United States to stop shirking its responsibilities and urges people from all over the world to unite and cooperate to fight the epidemic.

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