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China, Arab States Issue Joint Declaration

A joint declaration titled Working Together to Defeat the Covid-19 Outbreak and Build a Community with a Shared Future for China and Arab States in the New Era was adopted at the China-Arab States Political Parties Dialogue Extraordinary Meeting on June 24, focusing on broad consensus reached at the meeting. Full text of the statement follows:

1. The fact that H.E. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Chinese President sent a message of congratulations and leaders of many Arab states delivered video or written addresses to the meeting highlights the great importance both Chinese and Arab leaders attach to the development of China-Arab Strategic Partnership and their steadfast support for deepening party-to-party exchanges and cooperation between China and Arab states.

2. China and Arab states enjoy an enduring friendship dating back to antiquity. Both history and practice have proven that, despite all the vicissitudes in the international situation and all the difficulties and obstacles, China and Arab states have always been good friends, good brothers and good partners. In July 2018, President Xi Jinping announced the vision to establish a China-Arab future-oriented strategic partnership of comprehensive cooperation and common development, opening up a new chapter in China-Arab relations. In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, China and Arab states have acted with concerted efforts and mutual support to honour our solemn commitment to build a community with a shared future for China and Arab states. China-Arab Strategic Partnership now enjoys an even stronger foundation, closer people-to-people friendship and brighter prospects for cooperation. The CPC and political parties of Arab states undertake to devote active efforts to deepening China-Arab Strategic Partnership to safeguard our common interest.

3. Political parties play an important role in the political life of countries as the dominant force for governance and a major force behind human civilisation and progress. The CPC and political parties of Arab states undertake to build a new type of party-to-party relations that seeks to expand common ground while reserving differences and enhances mutual respect and mutual learning. We are committed to enhancing mutual trust through closer strategic dialogue, improving our respective governance capacity through intensified sharing of experience, delivering win-win outcomes for all through practical cooperation in various fields within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, and garnering stronger public support for China-Arab friendship through exchanges and mutual learning among civilisations.

4. The COVID-19 outbreak has once again laid bare that interests of countries are closely interwoven and we humanity share a common future. In deep appreciation of the vision of President Xi Jinping for a community with a shared future for mankind, political parties of Arab states share the view that cooperation in solidarity is the most powerful weapon to defeat the virus. We oppose any attempt to politicise the epidemic and label the virus. We call on all countries to enhance anti-epidemic cooperation and policy coordination, support the leading role of the WHO, strengthen the collective response at the international level, and work together to build a global community of health for all. We commend the important role the CPC and political parties of Arab states play in fighting COVID-19 in their own countries. Committed to closer communication and coordination to share information and best practices, we endeavour to inject strong impetus to the global cooperation in fighting the virus. The CPC will take steps to promote the implementation of what General Secretary Xi Jinping announced at the 73rd World Health Assembly, i.e., COVID-19 vaccine development and deployment in China, when available, will be made a global public good, which will be China's contribution to ensuring vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries.

5. Eradicating poverty represents both the common mission for the entire humanity and a major global challenge facing the world today. Hailing the great achievements the CPC has made in leading the Chinese people toward poverty alleviation, political parties of Arab states are fully confident that China will, as planned, attain the ambitious goal of winning the battle against poverty and completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. China's success in lifting 800 million people out of poverty constitutes an important contribution to human progress, offering useful experience for developing countries to draw from. The CPC stands ready to strengthen exchanges with political parties of Arab states on poverty alleviation and development experience so that China-Arab cooperation in poverty alleviation brings tangible benefits to both Chinese and Arab peoples.

6. We reaffirm our commitment to defend the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, and the basic norms governing international relations including, among others, safeguarding national sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. Political parties of Arab states firmly support China's position on questions relating to Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, its efforts to safeguard national security in Hong Kong in accordance with law, and the principle of "one country, two systems", and oppose the interference of external forces in China's internal affairs. The CPC supports a political settlement of hot spot issues in the Middle East, supports Arab states' efforts to safeguard their sovereignty, independence, security and territorial integrity, and opposes the interference of external forces in Arab states' internal affairs. The CPC expresses its grave concern over the relevant plan for the annexation of the occupied Palestinian territory and regards it as a violation to international law and relevant UN resolutions. The CPC firmly supports the Palestinian people's just cause of restoring their lawful rights, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state that enjoys full sovereignty on the basis of the 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital, and supports all endeavours in favour of the realisation of the two-state solution.

7. We reaffirm our support to multilateralism and our adherence to the UN centred international system. As for global governance, we advocate for achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration, and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries as well as space for their development. We call on all countries to enhance coordination of macroeconomic policies, to keep up secure and smooth functioning of global industrial and supply chains, and to make economic globalisation more open, inclusive, and balanced so that its benefits are shared by all.

8. We express our gratification in the outcome of this Extraordinary Meeting. In order for the outcome to materialise, the CPC and political parties of Arab states agree to strengthen exchanges and cooperation through various means including, among others, continued exchange of visits and thematic conferences, thus making even greater contribution to building a community with a shared future for China and Arab states in the new era. To this end, the CPC will annually invite 200 political party leaders of Arab states to China over the next three years.

9. We have all agreed that the third China-Arab States Political Parties Dialogue shall be convened in 2021 and we shall maintain coordination and communication in this regard.

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