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Michael Zakkour.jpg
Michael Zakkour
Vice president of China/Asia Pacific Practice at the global consulting firm Tompkins International
- The Miracle Isn't Over
- EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Expert Says the BRICS's Influence Is Growing
Kerry Brown].jpg
Kerry Brown
Executive Director of the China Studies Center at the University of Sydney
- Restoring Faith in Globalization
- Time to Rethink Globalization
- Clearing up the Mess
Corrie Dosh
Contributing writer to Beijing Review
- Winning the Wanda Way
- Trump, Clinton Take Lead in Nomination Fights
- Repeating History on Gun Violence
he wenping.jpg
He Wenping
Deputy director of the Institute of European Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
- Striving for Common Development
- Europe's Migrant Woes
Ma Xiaolin
Op-ed contributor to Beijing Review
- The Human Cost of Peacekeeping
- Impetus for Peace & Development
- A Troubling Inheritance
Mei Xinyu
Researcher at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation
- FTZs Go International
- A Fresh Take on Trade Frictions
- Collaboration for Joint Growth
shi yongming.jpg
Shi Yongming
Associate research fellow with China Institute of International Studies
- The Anchor for Regional Stability
- A Continued Friendship
- Abe Extends the Right Hand
jon taylor.jpg
Jon Taylor
Chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of St. Thomas in Houston and a professor of political science
- Innovativeness and Inclusiveness
- A Story of Success and Resilience
An Gang
Op-ed contributor to Beijing Review
- Accomplishment, Future Guide
- Chaos and Order
- Guns and Politics
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