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Chinese Spokesman Urges Impartiality for U.S. Newspaper on Diaoyu Islands
President Xi Expounds China's Stance on Japan Ties to Abe
Diaoyu Islands Issue Drives China-Japan Enmity: Survey
China Urges Japan to Return to Normal Track of Bilateral Ties
Editor's Note  
The decision of the current Japanese Government to "nationalize" the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea, not only aroused indignation among Chinese people all over the world, but also brought the Sino-Japanese ties to the chilliest point ever
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Setting the Rules for Japan
China takes precautions against conflicts in the East China Sea
Abe's Lousy Souvenir
Japanese prime minister's U.S. trip didn't go as expected due to differing demands in East Asia
A Triple Threat
The United States should broaden its approach to the Diaoyu Islands dispute
The Quarrel Continues
Abe administration goes astray over island dispute with China
The Return of Abe
As Japan undergoes a political power transition, problems remain the same
Revitalizing People-to-People Diplomacy
Zhou Mingwei, President of China International Publishing Group, shares his view on Sino-Japanese bilateral relationship
On the Borderline
Kerry Brown, executive director of the China Studies Center at the University of Sydney, shares his view on the China-Japan dispute over the Diaoyu Islands
- Japan's UNESCO Bid a New Provocation
- Defending the Chinese Perspective
- Release Diaoyu Islands Activists a Wise Move
- Japan Totally Responsible for Escalating Tensions
- Japan Shows Short-Sighted Rashness in Island Disputes
September 25
China issues a white paper on Diaoyu Dao
September 15
China's State Oceanic Administration releases coordinates for Diaoyu islets
September 11
The Japanese Government signs contract with supposed "owners" of China's Diaoyu Islands
September 5
Japanese Government reaches agreement with Kurihara family
July 11
China fishery administration vessels patrol sea around the Diaoyu Islands
June 11
Japan's House of Representatives hears Ishihara's "purchase" plan
April 27
Tokyo metropolitan government opens fund-raising account for "purchase" plan
September 18
China issues thematic map on Diaoyu Islands
September 12
China urges Japan to nullify "purchase" of Diaoyu islets
September 10
Japanese ministerial meeting declares "purchase" of part of Diaoyu Islands
August 19
Ten Japanese right-wing activists illegally land on Diaoyu Islands
July 7
PM Noda announces negotiations with a "private owner" to "nationalize" islands
June 10
6 Japanese lawmakers tour Diaoyu Islands
April 18
Japan PM Yoshihiko Noda hints his government would confirm intentions of islands' "owner"
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Japan Plans to Put Diaoyu Islands into UNESCO Bid
Chinese Ships Patrol near Diaoyu Islands
Flag Raised off Diaoyu Islands Marking Chinese New Year
Chinese, Japanese Communities Pledge Friendship
Japanese Envoy to Visit China to Mend Relations
Former Japanese PM Visits Nanjing
About the Diaoyu Islands
The Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated islands are an inseparable part of the Chinese territory. Diaoyu Islands is China's inherent territory in all historical, geographical and legal terms, and China enjoys indisputable sovereignty over Diaoyu Islands.

China is firmly opposed to Japan's violation of China's sovereignty over Diaoyu Islands in whatever form and has taken resolute measures to curb any such act.
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