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The primary function of playing sports is to maintain human fitness, and making citizens physically strong and healthy is no less important than earning medals in the global sports arena
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Chinese swimmers take center stage in London
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- London Olympics Close in Pop Party
- Zou Shiming Defends Gold Medal in Men's Boxing
- Chen Ruolin Wins 200th Gold for China at Summer Olympics
- China Wins Men's Table Tennis Team Gold
- China Wins Women's Table Tennis Team Gold
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London Olympics Close in Pop Party
China Gains 38 Gold Medals at London Olympics
Liu Xiang Receives Surgery in London
Liu Xiang to Be Operated on in UK
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  • FLAG BEARER: Sailor Xu Lijia holds China's national flag during the closing ceremony on August 12. "This is the biggest inspiration for the sport of sailing. I feel very honored to be the flag-holder in the closing ceremony," Xu said (SINA.COM)
  • STUNNING DEBUT: Qieyang Shenjie, 21, competes in the women's 20km walking on August 11. The first-time Olympian won the bronze medal and set a new Asian record of one hour, 25 minutes and 16 seconds. "I did not expect such a good result before the race. It even surprised me a little bit. The atmosphere at the Olympic Games is so good, I just could not stop my legs," Qieyang said (SINA.COM)
  • SILVER KISS: Cao Zhongrong, 30, kisses his silver medal at the men's modern pentathlon award ceremony on August 11. The two-time Olympian, who finished 30th at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, put on the country's best performance in the event. "This might be my last Olympics, so I just tried my best to show my capabilities. I came here to represent a breakthrough for generations of Chinese pentathlon athletes," Cao said (SINA.COM)
  • GOOD TRY: Diver Qiu Bo, 19, shows off his silver medal after the men's 10m platform award ceremony on August 11. The first-time Olympian was defeated by David Boudia of the United States in the final by 1.8 points. "I have gone through so many matches before but this final was the tensest one yet, which made me extremely nervous. I am a little disappointed, but still glad to get a medal at my first Olympic Games," Qiu said (XINHUA)
  • GRATEFUL HEART: Liu Xiaobo, 28, competes in the first round of the men's +80kg taekwondo. The two-time Olympian won a bronze medal, the country's first medal in the category on August 11. "I want to thank my family, especially my mom. Thank you for your support!" said Liu (XINHUA)
  • FIRST MEDALIST: Si Tianfeng, 28, competes in the men's 50km walking race on August 11. The two-time Olympian won the bronze medal, the country's best result in the event. He finished in 17th place at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. "I'm proud of myself and those who supported me. No pain, no gain. I made it!" Si said (SINA.COM)
  • AS PROMISED: Zou Shiming, 31, celebrates with his wife and son after defending his title in the men's 49kg boxing final on August 11. The three-time Olympian added another gold medal to his collection after winning bronze in 2004 at Athens and gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. "I promised my family I would bring home another Olympic gold, and today I fulfilled my goal," said Zou (XINHUA)
  • SWIMMING BEAUTY: Members of the synchronized swimming team show off their silver medals on August 10. "We were very confident with our techniques, and we succeeded in executing every difficult move with grace in our performance today," said Jiang Wenwen, who was a member of the bronze medalists at 2008 Beijing Games (XINHUA)
  • KEEP FIGHTING: Ren Cancan, 24, competes in the women's 51kg boxing semifinal. On August 9, the first-time Olympian was defeated by Nicola Adams of Great Britain in the final. "I lost the match, but not my confidence. I will keep trying and keep fighting for my goal," said Ren (SINA.COM)
  • STILL HAPPY: Hou Yuzhuo (in red helmet), 24, competes in the women's -57kg taekwondo final against Jade Jones of Great Britain on August 9. The first-time Olympian was defeated by the teenage host taekwondoka 4-6. "I was nervous. My coach arranged tactics for me but I only followed half of it. I was a bit disappointed, but still happy for the silver medal. I'm learning a lot from this Olympics and will pursue better results in the future," Hou said (SINA.COM)
  • NO EASY JOB: Li Jinzi, 22, won the bronze medal in the women's 75kg boxing on August 9 despite suffering fractures in her left arm. "I don't know if I'll have the chance to participate in the 2016 Rio Olympics, so I had to finish the fight even if my arm was broken," she noted (SINA.COM)
  • SHARING VICTORY: Wu Jingyu, 25, is carried by coach Wang Zhijie, 35, after winning the women's -49kg taekwondo gold match against Brigitte Yague Enrique of Spain 8-1 on August 8. The defending champion became the first two-straight-time champion in the category since the sport was introduced into the Olympics in 2000. "We made changes after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. My coach guided my training with Chinese martial arts, which seemed to pay off," Wu said (XINHUA)
  • SHOWING CONFIDENCE: Ma Long, 23, competes in the men's table tennis team event final on August 8. The first-time Olympian won the gold medal together with teammates Zhang Jike and Wang Hao, gold and silver medalists in the singles event (SINA.COM)
  • DARE TO DREAM: Jing Ruixue, 24, competes in the women's 63kg freestyle wrestling final against Kaori Icho of Japan on August 8. The first-time Chinese Olympian was defeated by the two-time Olympic gold medalist. "I was hungry for victory, but Icho is very strong. The silver medal isn't perfect, but I tried my best, and I'll keep chasing my dream," Jing noted (SINA.COM)
  • DELICATE BALANCE: Gymnasts Deng Linlin (left), 20, and Sui Lu, 20, compete in the women's beam final on August 7. Deng won the gold medal by beating teammate Sui by 0.1 point. "I made a mistake in the team event so this medal compensates for that. I have no regrets now," said Deng. Sui said, "I congratulated her (Deng) and I'm very happy because we are from the same country." (SINA.COM)
  • SWIMMING DUO: Huang Xuechen (left), 22, and Liu Ou, 25, compete in a synchronized swimming duet on August 7. The two-time Olympian duo bagged a bronze medal in the final, marking the country's first Olympic medal in the event. "We hope to give special thanks to our coach Masayo Imura. We wouldn't be here today without her. She has made a huge difference for the team," Liu said (SINA.COM)
  • THAT HURTS: Liu Xiang, 29, suffers from a right Achilles tendon injury in the men's 110m hurdles heat on August 7. The three-time Olympian, also the former world record holder, crashed into the first obstacle and fell to the track. "An Achilles injury is almost impossible to recover from fully," said Feng Shuyong, Deputy Director of the China Athletics Administrative Center and the general coach of China's national team (SINA.COM)
  • SHOW TIME: Basketball center Chen Nan (right), 29, competes in the quarter-finals against Australia on August 7. The team was defeated by 60-75. The three-time Olympian had six points and seven rebounds in the game. "I have competed in three Olympics so I felt relaxed this time at London. I enjoyed the tournament and I'll remember it for the rest of my life," she said (SINA.COM)
  • HEARTBREAK MOMENT: The two-time Olympian volleyballer Ma Yunwen, 26, wipes tears after the team lost to Japan in a five-set thriller in the quarter-finals on August 7. The women's team has won the gold three times since the sport was introduced to the Olympics in 1964. They won a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (SINA.COM)
  • AIMING THE NEXT: Guo Yue, 24, returns the ball during the doubles match in the women's table tennis team event. The three-time Olympian, who holds one gold and two bronze in previous Olympics, added another gold under her belt on August 7 together with teammates Li Xiaoxia and Ding Ning, gold and silver medalists in the singles event. "I hope I can play the 2016 Olympics!" she said (SINA.COM)
  • NO LOSER: Diver He Chong, 25, practices for the men's 3-meter springboard. The defending champion, better known as King Critical for routine performance of maneuvers with high difficulty ratings, grabbed a bronze medal in the event on August 7. "The advantage we used to have in terms of difficulty levels and techniques compared to foreign counterparts is narrowing. I was defeated by myself. Win or lose, that's sports," he said (SINA.COM)
  • I'M NO. 1: Gymnast Feng Zhe, 24, shows off his gold medal in the men's parallel bars on August 7. Previously, the first-time Olympian nicknamed Fatty won a gold medal in the men's team event. "The sport competition is cruel. I just need to do my best here," he said (SINA.COM)
  • PRINCESS' WISH: He Kexin, 20, practices in a warm-up game. The defending champion, known as the princess of the uneven bars, was defeated by Aliya Mustafina from Russia by 0.2 points in the women's uneven bars final on August 6. "I have been absent from the podium for two years because of injuries. I'm satisfied with the result, although I'm not the champion," she said. "I'll buy my father a new car as I promised."
  • BIDDING FAREWELL: Gymnast Chen Yibing (right), 28, congratulates Arthur Nabarrete Zanetti of Brazil on his victory after finishing the men's rings final on August 6. The defending champion was edged out by a tenth of a point to take the silver medal. The team leader of the national men's gymnastic team kissed the apparatus in a symbolic gesture to end his Olympic career. "I'm very satisfied with my performance, and have decided to end my career because of my physical condition," he said (SINA.COM)
  • SETTING SAIL: Xu Lijia, 24, waves the national flag after winning the women's Laser Radial class gold medal on August 6. The medal is the country's first gold in the event. The second-time Olympian won a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. "I enjoy the feeling of sailing on the boundless sea. European countries are good [at sailing] and I want to take this experience back to China so more can experience the beauty of sailing," Xu noted. She is not sure if she will compete at the next Olympics, but she said sailing will be her life career (XINHUA)
  • REGAINING: Gong Lijiao, 23, competes in the heat of the women's shot put on August 6. The two-time Olympian finished fourth in the final, one rank above her finish at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. On August 13, the International Olympic Committee stripped the event's gold medal from Belarus' Nadzeya Ostapchuk due to a positive drug test, awarding Gong with the bronze medal. "The feeling of redemption is wonderful. What's mine is mine. I am still excited, but my dream was to stand on the podium. I'd like to thank those who supported me," Gong wrote on her microblog site (SINA.COM)
  • MORE POWER: Zhou Lulu, 24, competes in the women's +75kg weightlifting final on August 5. The first-time Olympian proved herself the strongest woman on earth by lifting a total of 333 kg, breaking her own total world record of 328 kg to win gold medal. "I am really happy. The gold medal is more substantial than the weights," said Zhou who stands 1.75 meters and weighs 131 kg (SINA.COM)
  • GIVE ME FIVE: Gymnast Zou Kai (right), 24, high-tens coach Bai Yuanshao, 49, after finishing the men's floor exercise final on August 5. The second-time Olympian defended his title in the event, becoming the only Chinese athlete who holds five Olympic gold medals. "One day, I would tell my son about my glorious past and set a lofty example for him, even though I'm short," smiled the 1.58-meter-tall bachelor. On August 7, Zou won a bronze medal in the men's horizontal bar (SINA.COM)
  • DREAMS COME TRUE: Cai Yun (left), 31, and Fu Haifeng, 29, wave to the audience at the award ceremony for the men's badminton doubles on August 5. The pair's medal is the country's first gold in the men's doubles, allowing the team to claim all five badminton titles. Teaming up for 10 years, the pair finished fourth and second respectively at the previous two Olympics. "We managed to make up for our regrets at the Beijing Olympic Games," Cai said after the match (SINA.COM)
  • SALUTE: Lin Dan, 28, salutes the audience after winning the men's badminton singles final 2-1 against Malaysian Lee Chong Wei on August 5. The three-time Olympian is the first to have managed to defend the Olympic badminton title in the men's singles event. "Even if this is my last Olympics, even if after many years the name Lin Dan faded away," he said in his autobiography, Until the End of the World, "Those splendid days when we fought together did exist, and the memories we shared shall remain, until the end of the world." (SINA.COM)
  • SMASHING SUCCESS: Chen Long, 23, prepares to smash the shuttlecock in the men's singles bronze medal match against Lee Hyun Il of South Korea on August 5. Nicknamed Lin Dan II, the first-time Olympian was pleased to won a bronze medal. "All my efforts in this year have paid off. I have no regrets, and will be back at the next Olympic Games!" Chen said (SINA.COM)
  • CALM DOWN: Shooter Wang Zhiwei, 24, competes in the men's 50m pistol final on August 5. The first-time Olympian won a bronze medal in the last round, finishing 658.6 pionts, 0.1 point higher than Vietnamese Hoang Xuan Vinh (SINA.COM)
  • TEAM WORK: (From left) Li Na, 31, Luo Xiaojuan, 28, Sun Yujie, 20, Xu Anqi, 20, bite their gold medals at the award ceremony for the women's team epee on August 4. They triumphed with a score of 39 to 25 after the nine matches against South Korea in the final, winning the country's first team fencing gold. "With support from leaders, coaches and my family and friends, I persevered for 12 years," said Li who won a bronze medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Her fencing career went on hiatus to give birth to her son after finishing fourth at the Beijing Olympics (SINA.COM)
  • WALKING TRIO : (From left) Wang Zhen, 21, Chen Ding, 19, and Cai Zelin, 21, pose for photos after the men's 20km walk on August 4. Chen won the gold medal by smashing the Olympic record of 1 hour 18 minutes and 46 seconds. Wang and Cai respectively finished third and fourth. The gold medal is the second in men's track and field events in Chinese athletic history, after Liu Xiang's gold in the men's 110m hurdles at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games (SINA.COM)
  • TRYING BEST: Huang Shanshan, 26, competes in the women's trampoline final on August 4. The third-time Olympian won a silver medal in the event, a personal triumph over her bronze showing at the 2004 Athens Olympics and an placing out of the finals at the 2008 Beijing Oylmpics. "I was happy in Athens; diligent but tired in Beijing; realized my dream in London. Yes, I have regrets in my career, but I believe I could fix them in life," Huang said (SINA.COM)
  • PRINCESS' TEARS: He Wenna, 23, wipes tears at the award ceremony for the women's trampoline on August 4. The defending champion, nicknamed the trampoline princess, walked away with only a bronze medal due to a landing fault. "It was a pity that I made mistakes at the end," she said (SINA.COM)
  • PEP UP: Tian Qing (right), 25 and Zhao Yunlei, 26, high-five during the women's badminton doubles semifinals. The pair beat Japanese pair Mizuki Fujii and Reika Kakiiwa 2-0 in the final on August 4, winning the country's fifth straight Olympic titles in women's doubles. Previously, their teammate, the top seed Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli, were disqualified for throwing a match. "We always encourage each other whenever we have troubles in the court, and believe we will win. The gold medal is the best birthday gift for me," said Tian, who would celebrate her 26th birthday on the next day (SINA.COM)
  • STAY FOCUSED: Li Xuerui, 21, returns the shuttlecock in the women's badminton singles final on August 4. The world's no. 3 seed won her first Olympic gold medal by beating teammate Wang Yihan 2-1. Li emerged only recently as an Olympic phenomenon, causing quite a stir after edging out Asian Games champion Wang Shixian for a ticket to London. But the quiet girl proved her value to the team. "Winning gold is a happy, exciting moment but the glory shouldn't be for me alone. It should be for the whole Chinese team." (SINA.COM)
  • A PITY: Wang Yihan, 24, returns the shuttlecock in the women's badminton singles final on August 4. The world's no. 1 seed, nicknamed Kitten, won a silver medal after being defeated by teammate Li Xuerui. "My tears were not for the match. I have mixed feelings because I had prepared and made efforts for the games for quite a long time," Wang said after the award ceremony (SINA.COM)
  • FORCED OUT: Wang Xin, 27, clutches her leg due to a knee injury in the women's singles bronze medal match on August 4 after winning the first set against Saina Nehwal of India. She asked three times to wipe the sweat from the court, but was refused by the referee. "I had imagined my very first Olympic Games, and also fully prepared, but not for such an ending. This was not what I expected," said the second seed (SINA.COM)
  • SAD MOMENT: Du Li, 30, cries after finishing the women's 50m rifle three-position qualification on August 4. The defending champion ranked 13th with a score of 581 points, 2 points away from reaching the final. Du rose to fame for taking the country's first gold at the 2004 Athens Olympics in the 10m air rifle, but failed to defend the title in Beijing. However, she fought back to win a gold medal in the women's 50m rifle three positions event. "This is my third Olympics. I'm trying my best but failed. May be I was over react because I was too hunger for the gold medal," she said (SINA.COM)
  • SATISFICATION: Xu Dongxiang (left), 29, and Huang Wenyi, 21, wave to the audience at the award ceremony following their silver medal victory in the women's lightweight double sculls on August 4. Third-time Olympian Xu finished fifth at previous two Olympic Games. "I have no regrets. I'm happy with the silver medal," Xu noted (SINA.COM)
  • WIND UP: Li Yanfeng, 33, winds up a throw in the women's discus. The three-time Olympian and world champion won the country's first medal in the event with 67.22 m on August 4. "I will continue my career after the Olympics. My age will not be a problem in improving my results. My anticipation was to win a medal, so I am very pleased with my bronze," she said (SINA.COM)
  • NEVER GIVE UP: Judoka Tong Wen (right), 29, celebrates victory in the women's +78kg quarterfinals. The Beijing Olympic gold medalist won a bronze medal in the event on August 3. Tong produced a strong comeback show in May last year, capturing a Moscow Grand Slam victory after the Court of Arbitration for Sports cleared her of doping in February. "The loss here gives me more motivation to go on and I will come back in Rio Olympics," she noted (SINA.COM)
  • MAKING HISTORY: Dai Xiaoxiang, 21, competes in the men's individual archery on August 3. Dai claimed the country's first medal in the men's individual event (SINA.COM)
  • KEEP MOTIVATED: Ma Jin (front), 24, makes a net interception during the mixed doubles final with Xu Chen, 28. They won silver medals at their first Olympics on August 3 (SINA.COM)
  • GOLDEN LOVERS: Zhao Yunlei (right), 26 and boyfriend Zhang Nan, 24, celebrate after beating teammates Xu Chen and Ma Jin in badminton's mixed doubles final on August 3. Teaming up for two years, the pair hoped their performance could prove that love is a force in both career and personal life (SINA.COM)
  • POSITION CHANGES: Dong Dong (right) and Lu Chunlong, both 23, "bite" their respective gold and bronze medal after the men's trampoline award ceremony on August 3. Their results in the London Olympics were coincidentally the reverse of the 2008 Beijing Olympics (SINA.COM)
  • AIMING HIGHER: Ding Feng, 25, first-time Olympian, won a bronze medal in the men's 25m rapid fire pistol, also the country's first medal in the event on August 3. "I'm blessed because all my efforts have paid off. I hope I could stand on the highest podium when I was at the same age as gold medalist Leuris Pupo of Cuba 10 years later." (SINA.COM)
  • KEEP SMILING: Cyclists Gong Jinjie (left), 25, and Guo Shuang, 26, wave to the audience after receiving silver medals in the women's team sprint track cycling event on August 2. The pair beat the world record, but their medals were relegated from gold for making an illegal changeover in the final. Guo added another silver medal in the women's keirin event on the next day (XINHUA)
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Swimmer Tang Yi, 19, shows off her bronze medal in the women's 100m freestyle on August 2. The medal is also the country's first medal in a 100m swimming event since the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Born in Shanghai, Tang finished fourth place in the 200m freestyle and relay at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In 2010, she claimed six gold medals at the First Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, winning the nickname Female Phelps (SINA.COM)
  • TRIPLE LOSSES: Team China loses its third straight match in the men's basketball tournament, falling to Australia 81-61 on August 2. Yi Jianlian (middle), the leader of the national team, had 13 points and 12 rebounds before he was injured and left the court. Guard Wang Shipeng buried seven 3-pointers and scored a game-high 21 points (SINA.COM)
  • Front:  Zhang Jike, 24, beats teammate Wang Hao in an all-Chinese men's table tennis singles final on August 2. The victory gave Zhang, the reigning World Champion and World Cup Champion in 2011, his first Olympic gold medal (SINA.COM)
    Back: Wang Hao, 29, wins silver for a third consecutive Olympics after losing to Zhang Jike in men's table tennis singles final on August 2 (SINA.COM)
  • QUICK SHOT: Chen Ying, 34, waves to the audience after winning silver with 791.4 points in women's 25m pistol shooting competition on August 1. She won a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (XINHUA)
  • SILVER STAR: Lu Haojie, 22, competes in men's 77kg weightlifting competition on August 1. He won silver with a total of 360kg (SINA.COM)
  • UPLIFTING: Lu Xiaojun, 28, hugs coach Yu Jie after winning the Olympic gold medal in men's 77kg weightlifting on August 1 (XINHUA). "My coach made me successful; without him I would have retired in 2008," Lu said. He lifted 175kg in the snatch and 204kg in the clean and jerk for a total of 379kg, beating his own world record of 378kg (SINA.COM)
  • DIVING DUO: Qin Kai (left) and Luo Yutong, both 26 years old, pose at the awards ceremony for men's synchronized 3m springboard diving on August 1. The experienced divers, winners of the 2012 World Cup and 2011 FINA World Championships, led throughout the final and compiled 477.00 points to take the gold. Qin also won gold in the event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (XINHUA)
  • NEW RECORD HOLDER: Jiao Liuyang, 21, the 2008 Beijing Olympics silver medalist, broke an Olympic record in the women's 200m butterfly final at 2:04.06 on August 1 (SINA.COM)
  • SILVER LINING: Ding Ning, 22, the top seed player, is defeated by Li Xiaoxia in the women's table tennis singles, taking silver in the finals on August 1. The reigning world champion is a left-handed player with a unique serve that throws her opponents off. Ding was penalized several times at the Games for her tricky serving style (SINA.COM)
  • TEARS OF PRIDE: Li Xiaoxia, 24, celebrates after defeating number one ranked Ding Ning in an all-Chinese final on August 1, winning the Olympic women's table tennis singles gold medal. It is China's 21st table tennis gold since the game was introduced at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. The fast and powerful right-handed attacker has been playing the sport since the age of seven (SINA.COM)
  • HISTORIC PROGRESS: Team China won bronze in the men's 4x200m freestyle swimming relay on July 31. Sun Yang (second right), the champion of the men's swimming 400m freestyle took team China from fifth to third in his final leg to bring his team a historic Olympic relay medal. This is the first time Chinese swimmers qualified in an Olympic relay (SINA.COM)
  • TEAM FIRST: Gymnast Huang Qiushuang, 20, weeps as Team China is edged out of the top three, following the United States, Russia and Romania in women's gymnastics on July 31. "It's important not to make mistakes in the team competition, but we made the mistakes here and we're out of the podium competition," Huang said (CFP)
  • FIGHTING: Xu Lili (right), 24, competes in the women's 63kg judo quarterfinal on July 31. She got the silver in this event on the same day. Xu emerged as a dark horse among a group of world champions and Olympic medalists (QQ.COM)
  • YES!: Lei Sheng, 28, celebrates a gold-medal victory after defeating Alaaeldin Abouelkassem of Egypt with a score of 15-13 in men's individual foil on July 31 (XINHUA)
  • VICTORY: Lin Qingfeng celebrates when he wins the gold medal of the men's 69kg of weightlifting on July 31. This is the first gold for the Chinese men's weightlifting team in London (XINHUA)
  • PITY IN LONDON: The 30-year-old Li Na (right) and 23-year-old Zhang Shuai take part in women's tennis doubles on July 31. Li and Zhang lost 0-2 to Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka of the Czech Republic in the second round match and lost the chance to enter the top eight. In the women's singles on July 28. Li, who once ranked fourth in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, was bumped out of the competition after she lost to Daniela Hantuchova from Slovakia in the first round (XINHUA)
  • GOLDEN PARTNER: Chen Ruolin (left) and Wang Hao, both 19 years old, pose at the award ceremony of women's synchronised 10m platform event on July 31. The diving duo claimed the title in this event, ending the competition with a total score of 368.40 points, 25 points ahead of their nearest rivals. Chen won the gold medal of the event in 2008 Beijing Olympics (XINHUA)
  • HARD FOUGHT: Sun Yujie, 20, celebrates after she chalks up a 15-11 win over South Korean fencer Shin A-lam and gets a bronze in women's individual epee final on July 30. Sun pocketed the first medal for China in this event (XINHUA)
  • FROM BEHIND: Gymnasts celebrate after winning the men's artistic gymnastics team final on July 30. China won the men's team gold after pulling off a nearly perfect performance to garner 275.997 points, beating Japan by 4.045 points, despite having ranked only sixth place in the preliminaries (XINHUA)
  • DEJECTED: Zhu Qinan, 27, current final world record holder and the gold medalist in 2004 Athens Oympic Games, failed to advance to the men's 10m air rifle final on July 30 (SINA.COM)
  • HOLD ON: Li Xueying, 22, competes in women's 58kg weightlifting on July 30. She heaved 108 kg for a total of 246 kg, surpassing the previous Olympic records of 107 kg and 244 kg, respectively. Li took the gold medal in the event. Her sister Li Xuejiu, 30, is another gold medalist, who claimed the women's 53kg during the 15th Women's World Weightlifting Championships in 2002 (XINHUA)
  • YOUNG PARTNERS: Seventeen-year-old Cao Yuan (right) and 18-year-old Zhang Yanquan bite gold medals after the awards ceremony of men's synchronised 10m platform event on July 30. The diving duo won the event with 486.78 points (XINHUA)
  • SO CLOSE: Wu Jingbiao, 23, finishes the men's 56kg weightlifting, taking silver with 289 kg on July 29 (XINHUA)
  • VALIANT EFFORT: Weightlifter Zhou Jun, 17, failed in all three attempts in the women's 53kg weightlifting competition on July 29 (SINA.COM)
  • WATER SPIRIT: Lu Ying, 23, takes a silver medal in the women's 100m butterfly with 56.87 seconds on July 29 (XINHUA)
  • INNER CONTROL: The 22-year-old Xu Jing competes in archery. Team China wins second place in the event, following South Korea by 209-210 on July 29 (XINHUA)
  • DIVING DUO: The 26-year-old Wu Minxia (left) and 21-year-old He Zi claim the first women's synchronized 3m springboard on July 29. They led all the way in the five-round final and amassed 346.20 points, nearly 25 points over their closest rivals. Wu has got her third consecutive Olympic gold medal in the event after winning in 2004 Athens Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympics (XINHUA)
  • ELEGANT WAVE: Wei Ning, 30, waves before the women's skeet competition starts on July 29. Wei won a silver medal with 91 hits in the event, which is the second one since 2004 Athens Olympics (XINHUA)
  • MUM SHOOTER: Guo Wenjun, 28, wins the women's 10m air pistol with 488.1 points on July 29. Guo got married after she claimed the same event in 2008 Beijing Olympics, and gave birth to her daughter in late 2011. With less than seven months to prepare for the London Olympics, she didn't see child rearing as a burden. "Her company was the most powerful engine for me during my preparation time for the Olympics," Guo said (XINHUA)
  • MEMORABLE MOMENT: Sun Yang, 20, celebrates after the men's swimming 400m freestyle final on July 28. Sun won the first gold medal for Chinese men's swimming and set a new Olympic record of 3:40.14. He also shares a silver medal with Park Tae-hwan from South Korea with 1:44.93 in men's 200m freestyle of swimming on July 30 (XINHUA)
  • GROWN-UP GIFT: Li Xuanxu, 18, poses at the award ceremony of women's 400m individual medley on July 28. She won bronze in the event (591HX.COM)
  • VICTORY HUG: Ye Shiwen (right), 16, hugs her teammate Li Xuanxu in celebration after claiming the title in women's 400m individual medley final on July 28. Ye clocked 4:28.43 to wipe out the previous record held by triple Olympic champion Aussie Stephanie Rice from Beijing Olympics by one second. She also captured her second Olympic gold in women's 200m individual medley on July 31, with a devastating final length of freestyle to sprint home first in 2:07.57 (XINHUA)
  • SELF-ENCOURAGEMENT: Wang Mingjuan, 26, reacts during women's 48kg weightlifting competition on July 28. Wang won the gold medal in the event with a total weight of 205 kg. The Chinese veteran lifter once missed two Olympics in 2004 and 2008 after she injured her left knee in the World Championships in 2003 (XINHUA)
  • WARMING UP: Yu Dan, 25, competes in the women's 10m air rifle preliminary on July 28. She won bronze in the event (XINHUA)
  • START OF GOLD: Yi Siling, 23, smiles after her competition in women's 10m air rifle on July 28 . With a score of 502.9 points, she got the gold medal, which is the first one in the whole London Olympic Games (XINHUA)
  • FIRST FACE: Basketball player Yi Jianlian (left), 24, leads the Chinese delegation as a flag-bearer during the opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium on July 27. Yi started his career as a professional player in south China's Guangdong Province. He joined the National Basketball Association (NBA) of the U.S. in 2007 and played for the Washington Wizards before he came back to China during the NBA lock-out (XINHUA)

The Chinese delegation to London 2012 Summer Olympic Games is composed of 621 members, including 171 male and 225 female athletes. Among 396 athletes, 152 have previously participated in the Olympic Games, of which 29 are gold medalists in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The average age of Chinese athletes is 24.68. The youngest Qiu Yuhan is only 14 and the eldest Liu Yingzi is 41. Twenty-five athletes are of ethnic minorities, covering Mongolian, Hui, Tibetan and Uygur ethnic groups.

Team China came second in the medal tally with 38 gold, 27 silver and 23 bronze.

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