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Focusing on Public Concerns
The "people's livelihoods" was one of the most discussed topics in and outside the annual full sessions of China's top legislature and advisory body earlier this month
Voices From the People

Minsheng, or people's wellbeing, has become the catchword during sessions of the 11th National People's Congress, China's top legislature, and the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the country's top advisory body. No matter whether minsheng arose in group discussions, or in motions and proposals, deputies and members expressed concerns, putting forward ideas for solutions to problems involving people's wellbeing--such as skyrocketing house prices, educational reform, employment and low-carbon economy--to make sure the people's voices were heard. 

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Economic Gurus on Future Growth
The export woes have showed signs of healing this year, but China still faces an uphill battle to pull up the slack on the trade front--Chen Deming, Minister of Commerce
China will adjust its monetary policy according to changes with the country's economic indicators and feedback from policy implementation--Zhou Xiaochuan, Governor of PBOC
It is necessary to maintain continuity and stability of the policies, i.e. We'll continue to implement a proactive fiscal policy this year--Xie Xuren, Minister of Finance
The stimulus package delivered a strong boost to market sentiment and strengthened confidence to shake off the downturn--Zhang Ping, Minister of NDRC
Major Targets for 2010

1. Exercising better macro-control and maintaining steady and rapid economic development.

2. Accelerating transformation of the model of economic development, and adjusting and optimizing the economic structure.

3. Improving the balance between urban and rural development, and strengthening the foundation for the development of agriculture and rural areas.

4. Fully implementing the strategies of reinvigorating China through science and education, and strengthening the nation through human resources development.

5. Energetically promoting cultural progress.

6. Vigorously ensuring and improving people's well-being, and promoting social harmony and progress.
Diplomatic Priorities
[China-Russia relations] [China-U.S. relations] [China-Japan relations] [China-EU relations] [China-Africa relations] [BRIC countries and China-Latin America relations] [Korean Peninsula nuclear issue] [G20 summits] [Climate change negotiations] [Iranian nuclear issue] [Afghanistan and Pakistan] [Asia-Pacific regional cooperation]
Strangers Gallery
No Talking Shops?
The diversity of Chinese life was also represented by a diversity of attitudes among delegates
Sharing Concerns
- Higher Incomes for Low-income Groups
- A Joint Committee on "The World Expo and Taiwan"
- Officials Accountable for Information Transparency
- Handwriting Lessons in Schools
- Stronger Support for University Graduates
- Invigorating Silver Age Industry
- Cracking Down on Rights Infringement on the Internet
- A National "Health" Policy for the Young
- Warning on Poorly-Preserved Intangible Heritage
- Less Bureaucracy, Less Corruption in Universities
- Waste Disposal in Beijing
Rapid Response
Government departments act on proposals put forward by CPPCC members
Xinjiang's Promising Future
Economic conditions are improving in Xinjiang in the aftermath of the financial crisis and July 5 riot last year
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