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2017 in Retrospect > Top 10 World News Stories
Frequent Lone Wolf and Organized Terror Attacks
 NO. 52 DECEMBER 28, 2017

 Relatives of victims of the al-Rawda mosque terror attack in Egypt’s North Ismailia leave the hospital on November 25. The attack caused 311 deaths and injured more than 100 (XINHUA)

The world in 2017 was rife with terror attacks, right from the outset. On January 1, a gunman attacked a nightclub in Turkey's Istanbul, killing 39 people taking part in the 2017 New Year's Eve celebrations. Terror attacks then took place throughout the year in Canada, the United States, France, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Spain and countries in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

In some of the worst attacks, on October 1, a gun shooting in Las Vegas in the United States took 58 lives. On October 14, a heavy blast in a crowded area caused by a truck bombing in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, left 512 killed and more than 316 injured—the deadliest attack of the year. On November 24, the al-Rawda mosque in Egypt's North Sinai was attacked by up to 40 gunmen, causing 311 deaths and injuries to at least 122, making it the worst attack in Egyptian history. The series of attacks require the international community to seriously rethink their security policies.

Copyedited by Francisco Little

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