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  • mOCHTAN.jpg
    AKP Mochtan
    ASEAN deputy secretary general talks about community building
  • 方正辉_副本.jpg
    Fang Zhenghui
    Xi's keynote speech at the Belt and Road Forum highlights three types of power
  • Kerry Brown2.jpg
    Kerry Brown
    China seeks better relations with the world through integrated development
  • jon taylor.jpg
    Jon Taylor
    Xi Jinping emphasizes China's global leadership at the Beijing forum
  • Sajjad Malik_副本.jpg
    Sajjad Malik
    China is creating a road to a new world
  • 29 李自国_无白.jpg
    Li Ziguo
    In their 25th year of enjoying bilateral diplomatic ties, China and Uzbekistan have more to celebrate
  • chu yin_副本.png
    Chu Yin
    The Belt and Road Initiative's implementation calls for a new international security system
  • 刘英 无白边.jpg
    Liu Ying
    The Belt and Road Initiative advances economic globalization and China's further opening up
  • Michael Zakkour_副本.png
    Michael Zakkour
    The Belt and Road Forum is expected to pave the way for globalization and progress
  • 刘英 无白边.jpg
    Liu Ying
    New development lender in Asia assists with regional infrastructure connectivity
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