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Hong Kong Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Returning to China
1997 香港回归祖国_副本.jpg

July 1, 1997:

Hong Kong became a special administrative region (SAR) of the Peoples Republic of China with a high degree of autonomy.
1998 安度亚洲金融危机_副本.jpg

August 28, 1998:

With the support of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong stock market earned a complete triumph since the Asian financial crisis crept into Southeast Asia on only the second day of Hong Kong's return to China in 1997.
2001 中央图书馆_副本.jpg

May 17, 2001:

Hong Kong Central Library, the largest library in the region, opened.
2004 CEPA正式实施2004年1月1日,《内地与香港关于建立更紧密经贸关系的安排》_副本.jpg

January 1, 2004:

The Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) came into effect. It is a free trade agreement concluded by the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, covering three areas: trade in goods, trade in services, trade and investment facilitation. CEPA has strengthened the trade relationship in goods and services, and fostered trade and investment facilitation between the two places.
2005 迪士尼乐园开幕_副本.jpg

September 12, 2005:

Hong Kong Disneyland had its official grand opening to the public. It has attracted a number of visitors, offering new opportunities to Hong Kong’s tourist and economic development.
2006 陈冯富珍当选世卫总干事_副本.jpg

AuNovember 9, 2006:

Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun was appointed to the post as WHO Director General, delegating the People's Republic of China for 2006 to 2017.
2008 奥运马术赛事_副本.jpg

August 9–20, 2008:

Equestrian competitions at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics were successfully held at the Hong Kong Sports Institute and Sheung Yue River in Hong Kong.
2014 “沪港通”开通中国证监会与香港证监会发布联合公告_副本.jpg

November 17, 2014:

Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, a cross-boundary investment channel connecting the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, was launched. Under the program, investors in each market are able to trade shares on the other market using their local brokers and clearing houses.
2016 “深港通”开通中国证监会与香港证监会8月16日在京签署联合公_副本.jpg

August 16, 2016:

An agreement between the Shenzhen and Hong Kong financial sectors has received government approval, paving the way for a better-regulated stock market.


July 1 marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China.
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