Dispelling misunderstanding
Rick Dunham:
  ·  2021-03-12  ·   Source: Web Exclusive

(The speaker is co-director of Global Business Journalism Program, Tsinghua University) 

We will now have stability. We will have authentic dialogue. There is not going to be a secretary of state, Mike Pompeo.    

You will have authentic dialogue. When the Chinese Government is speaking to the president, or the vice president, or the secretary of state, or the trade representative, or the ambassador, they will know that this is going to be in good faith.  

There may not be agreement. They will be in good faith. You will have a deep knowledge of global issues. Joe Biden was chairman of the foreign relations committee. He knows China, he knows historically about as well as anyone in Congress about the history of the relationship and about China itself. 

He's a globalist. He's not in America first. That's not to say he is not an American chauvinist. But he is not the American exceptionalist everyone else must follow--you  are either with us or against us.    

Also, he's a decent man. You're not going to have racist words and actions. You've already seen it in a lot of the immigration policies that he's rolling back. I would predict you're going to see some warming on Chinese ties and some of the “visa wars” of recent years.  



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