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Expo Pavilions Commended
Edited by CHEN RAN

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On October 30, one day before the 184-day Shanghai World Expo drew to a close, 34 Expo's pavilions received awards for their achievements in terms of architectural structure, interior decoration and innovation.

Acknowledged by a nine-member international evaluation committee, the awards covered three categories—pavilion design, creative display and theme development, with gold, silver and bronze prizes awarded in each category.

Candidate pavilions were divided into four types. Type A referred to self-built pavilions that were over 4,000 square meters in size; Type B referred to self-built pavilions that were between 2,000 and 4,000 square meters in size; Type C referred to rented pavilions and self-built pavilions that were less than 2,000 square meters in size. The Expo site's joint pavilions were listed as Type D pavilions. Type D pavilions were not eligible to win awards in the pavilion design category. The MeteoWorld Pavilion won the Expo Jury Special Award.

Chain Reaction, a Chinese non-profit organization that works for the protection and promotion of indigenous culture in southwest Guizhou Province, won the BIE (Bureau of International Expositions) Cosmos Prize worth 20,000 Euros ($28,000).

Full list of award-winning pavilions

- Pavilion design:


UK Pavilion (Type A)

Finland Pavilion (Type B)

Portugal Pavilion (Type C)


Republic of Korea Pavilion (Type A)

Norway Pavilion (Type B)

Hungary Pavilion (Type C)


Spain Pavilion (Type A)

Denmark Pavilion (Type B)

Greece Pavilion (Type C)

- Creative display:


Saudi Arabia Pavilion (Type A)

Sweden Pavilion (Type B)

Slovenia Pavilion (Type C)

Pacific Joint Pavilion (Type D)


Japan Pavilion (Type A)

Poland Pavilion (Type B)

Czech Republic Pavilion (Type C)

Liechtenstein Pavilion (Type D)


Indonesia Pavilion (Type A)

Morocco Pavilion (Type B)

Qatar Pavilion (Type C)

Jordan Pavilion (Type D)

- Theme development:


Germany Pavilion (Type A)

Chile Pavilion (Type B)

Algeria Pavilion (Type C)

Mauritania Pavilion (Type D)


Russia Pavilion (Type A)

New Zealand Pavilion (Type B)

Turkey Pavilion (Type C)

Cyprus Pavilion (Type D)


France Pavilion (Type A)

Ireland Pavilion (Type B)

Peru Pavilion (Type C)

Cape Verde Pavilion (Type D)

- Expo Jury Special Award:

MeteoWorld Pavilion

(Source: Shanghai World Expo official website)

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