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- China Holds Reception to Mark 85th Anniversary of PLA Founding
- China's Army Is No Threat to Any Nation: Officer
- China Promotes Six Officers to General
- China, ROK Vow to Further Military Exchanges
- Foreign Media Views PLA Helicopter Unit
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Featured Story
Flying Higher
Army helicopter pilots showcase modernization in Chinese armed forces
A Close Look at Army Aviation
A Fine Set of Choppers
An Army Aviation unit shows off its piloting skills and advanced equipment
Mid-air Acrobatics
Showcasing the quality of China's pilots
A Soldier's Sichuan Photo Diary
PLA provides relief to quake zone
Introduction to PLA Forces
The People's Liberation Army (PLA) is composed of three service branches - the Army, Navy and Air Force - as well as the Second Artillery Force.

The Army comprises infantry, artillery, armored, engineering, communications, anti-chemical warfare and army aviation units.

The Navy comprises surface, submarine, naval aviation, coastal defense and marine corps units.

The Air Force comprises aviation, surface-to-air missile, anti-aircraft artillery, radar, and airborne units.

The Second Artillery Force is composed of strategic and conventional missile units and operates independently from other branches of China's armed forces.
Official Documents
- China's National Defense in 2010 (I)
- China's National Defense in 2010 (II)
Recommended Book
Inside the Aircraft Carrier
An experienced military expert publishes books to raise public awareness of the aircraft carrier
August 1, 1927
Nanchang Uprising;
Zhu De & Zhou Enlai form new army
October 1927
Mao Zedong names forces
Workers and Peasants Red Army
July 11, 1933
August 1 designated Army Day
October 1935
Long March ends
November 11, 1948
All CPC forces designated
People's Liberation Army
April 14, 1950
PLA Navy established
May 1965
Formal military ranking abolished
October 1, 1988
Ranking system reinstated
December 21, 1999
Macau's return to China;
PLA Macau Garrison
assumes defensive responsibilities
August 1, 2012
The PLA 85th anniversary
September 9, 1927
Mao Zedong leads
Autumn Harvest Uprising
April 1928
Mao Zedong's Red Army Zhu's forces
join in Jinggang Mountains
March 1934
Long March begins
August, 1937
CPC Eighth Route Army and
KMT New Fourth Army
form Second United Front against Japan
November 11, 1949
PLA Air Force established
September 1955
Formal military ranking system instated
July 1966
Strategic missile troops established;
named Second Artillery Forces
July 1, 1997
Hong Kong's return to China;
PLA Hong Kong Garrison
assumes defensive responsibilities
October 10-11, 2002
China-Kyrgyz joint military drill;
first joint drill with foreign army
Opinion more
Liu Feng'an
Collaboration on the Seas
The first joint naval drill marks a new level of military cooperation between China and Russia
Feng Changhong
Building a New Military Relationship
China and the United States should take joint efforts to improve ties between their armed forces
Video more
Naval Expert Discusses Military Budget, Sansha City
Chinese Military Maintains World Peace
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