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The Mid-term Evaluation Meeting for the National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009-2010) Held
The Mid-term Evaluation Meeting for the National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009-2010) was held by the State Council Information Office on December 1-3. Wang Chen, Minister of the State Council Information Office, said the situation of human rights in China has achieved an all-round development within the year of 2009
Speech on Implementation of National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009-2010)
Wang Chen, minister in charge of the Information Office of the State Council, delivered a speech at a meeting on the implementation of the National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009-2010)
Full Text of National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009-2010)
- Right to work
The registered urban unemployment rate will be kept below 5 percent, and the priority is to find employment for college graduates and rural migrant workers
- Right to basic living conditions
Building more commercial and affordable housing to improve the living conditions of urban families with middle- and low-incomes
- Right to social security
By 2010, the population covered by the urban basic old-age pension insurance is expected to exceed 223 million
- Right to health
Starting in 2009, a uniform health record for all residents will be established throughout the country
- Right to education
The state will make sure that almost all the children of migrant workers will receive nine-year compulsory education
- Cultural rights
Intensifying efforts in the protection of intellectual property rights and punishing all infringements of IPR in accordance with the law
- Environmental rights
- Safeguarding farmers' rights and interests
- Guarantee of human rights in the reconstruction of areas hit by the devastating earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province
- Rights of the person
- Rights of detainees
- The right to a fair trial
- Freedom of religious belief
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Great Step Forward
China's first national human rights action plan implements the principle that the state respects and protects the human rights of its citizens
- Becoming Equal
- Consolidating the Coalmines
- A Seal of Promise
- Better Understanding, Closer Ties
- Free to Roam
- A Greener Future
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- Story of Female Jet Fighter Pilots
- China's Path for Human Rights Development
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- The right to be informed
The state will make greater efforts to train spokespersons and news release staff, releasing news in various forms, enhancing the quality of press conferences, releasing government in-formation in a timely, accurate and authoritative manner
- The right to participate
The ratio of personages from non-Communist parties and people with no political affiliation holding leadership positions in government departments, particularly principal positions, will be appropriately increased
- The right to be heard
The state will give full play to the positive role of social organizations in expanding public participation and reporting their petitions for improvement of the self-governance capability of society
- The right to oversee
The people's supervision over administrative, trial and procuratorial organs will be strengthened, and efforts will be stepped up to exercise supervision over law enforcement, and government honesty and efficiency
- The rights of ethnic minorities
During the period 2009-2010, the state will appropriate more than 2 billion yuan as a development fund for ethnic minorities to accelerate their economic and social development
- Women's rights
- Children's rights
- Senior citizens' rights
- The rights of the disabled
- Education in human rights
- Fulfillment of international human rights obligations
- Exchanges and cooperation in the field of international human rights
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