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As Above, So Below
Only with manual docking technologies, China is fully able to transfer astronauts and cargo to an orbiter in space. They are a key technical foundation for achieving the country's plan to assemble a manned space station in orbit by 2020
A Further Step Into Space
The manned Shenzhou-9 takes the first Chinese woman into space and showcases space-docking technologies
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-China Celebrates Successful Launch of 2nd Lunar Probe Chang'e-2
-China Announces Success of Chang'e 2 Mission
-Chang'e 2 Ready to Photograph Bay of Rainbows
-Chang'e 2 Expected to Have Enough Fuel to Return
-Chang'e 2 Completes Final Braking
-Lunar Probe Is China's Duty to Mankind
-Chang'e 2 Completes Second Braking
-Chang'e 2 Completes First Braking
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Scientific Instruments Begins Operating
Chang'e 2 Sends First Batch of Data
Chang'e 2 Begins Scientific Mission
First Man-Made Earth Satellite
China's first man-made earth satellite Dongfanghong 1 was successfully launched in 1970
-First Recoverable Satellite in 1975
-Fengyun 1 Launched in 1988
-Using Satellites to Reduce Disasters
-Space Industry Promotes Modernization
Your Place in the World
The making of China's own satellite navigation system
-Strength Through Self-Reliance
-The Big Dipper Guide
-Major Functions of the Beidou System
-History of the Beidou System
Chronology of China's Space Industry
October 8, 1956, China opens its first institute on missile and rocket research

On April 24, 1970, the first man-made satellite Dongfanghong-1 is successfully launched

On September 7, 1988, China's first experimental meteorological satellite Fengyun-1 is launched

On November 20, 1999, China launches Shenzhou-1 unmmaned spacecraft for the first time and the re-entry module lands the next day

On October 24, 2007, the first unmanned lunar orbiter Chang'e-1 is launched

On October 1, 2010, the second unmanned lunar orbiter Chang'e-2 is launched
Shenzhou 10 -
June 11, 2013
Shenzhou 9 -
June 16, 2012
Shenzhou 8 -
November 1, 2011
Shenzhou 7 -
September 25, 2008
Shenzhou 6 -
October 12, 2005
-Building a Space Station
-Venturing Further Into Space
Shenzhou 5 -
October 15, 2003
-Walking the Walk
-Major Facts
Shenzhou 4
- December 30, 2002
-Up Goes Again
-Profile of Astronauts
-Three-Step Space Plan
-Tiangong-1 Lab Module
-Carrier Rocket Technology
-Current Space Launch Bases
-Unmanned Space Module
-Lunar Rover
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- Simulated Mission
A Chinese astronaut trainer is selected for an endurance trial to prepare humans for a real landing on the Red Planet
- The Space Odyssey of Seeds
Space plant-breeding technology is the future of agriculture
- New Window to Space
Ground has been broken for a new space launch complex in Hainan Province
- Sky Watcher
China's largest optical telescope will soon come online to benefit the country and the world
Map of the Moon
The moon map drawn by China's first lunar probe Chang'e 1 is being printed, and will soon be available for sale. It is by far the most comprehensive, most accurate and clearest lunar map ever published
- Science Behind Moon Mission
China's ambitious space exploration plan was made possible by developments in technology
- Studying the Moon
The launch of China's first unmanned lunar probe will boost the nation's technological capabilities in space sciences and other areas
- Missions of Chang'e 1
According to the plan, Chang'e 1 has four mission goals to accomplish
- Phases of Lunar Exploration Program
China's lunar exploration program is divided into three stages: orbiting, landing and recovery
-China's Space Activities - 2000
-World Manned Space Undertakings
-China's Space Activities in 2006
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