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Beijing Stock Exchange specifies investor access thresholds
  ·  2021-09-18  ·   Source: Xinhua News Agency

The Beijing Stock Exchange, the newly-announced bourse in China, on September 17 specified the capital requirements for its investors.

The threshold for individual investors to enter the new bourse is set at 500,000 yuan (about $77,487) worth of securities assets, while institutional investors enjoy no capital requirement, according to a regulation released on the bourse's website.

China has decided to set up a new stock exchange in Beijing, building it into a primary platform serving innovation-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as the capital market evolves to meet the financing needs of various entities.

Individual investors eligible for the new bourse should have at least two years of experience in securities investment. Their average daily securities assets should be no less than 500,000 yuan in the 20 trading days before they are allowed to trade on the bourse, according to the regulation.

Along with the regulation, the Beijing Stock Exchange has started guiding securities companies to improve related systems and procedures, and preparing investors for account opening, in a bid to deepen the reform of the New Third Board and ensure a sound opening of the bourse.

China Securities Regulatory Commission on Friday began soliciting opinions on the guidelines related to the initial public offerings, refinancing and supervision on the new bourse.


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