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All-factor tests conducted at Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Village
  ·  2021-11-22  ·   Source: Xinhua News Agency

A series of all-factor tests were carried out at the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Village this weekend, with 2,415 participants involved in testing check-in, accommodation, catering and COVID-19 (PCR) tests.

In the south of the National Olympic Sports Center, the Village consists of 20 buildings, which will accommodate 2,338 participants at the Olympics and 1,040 participants for the Paralympics.

Ju Qiang, deputy director of the Village's accommodation department, said that athletes can adjust their bed angle and length up to 2.4 meters to ensure themselves of a good rest.

"The Village will provide food in full-time for athletes during the Games, and a menu of 678 dishes will be served to athletes from diverse cultural backgrounds, which was designed to meet their different dietary needs, while also taking religious diversity into consideration," said Ji Ye, deputy director of the Village's catering department.

Said Yang Jingfeng, deputy director of the Village's comprehensive service department, "The Village is a home for athletes and officials during the Games which coincides with China's Spring Festival, so we will organize cultural exchange activities to help our friends from all over the world experience the traditional Chinese culture."

The Village will start trial operations for the Olympics on January 23 and officially open on January 27, so in the preceding two months, Village staff will resolve any issues that emerge, contributing to hold a simple, safe and splendid Winter Olympic Games, according to organizers.


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