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Lies cannot shake Xinjiang's stability: spokespersons
  ·  2021-11-23  ·   Source: Xinhua News Agency

All lies regarding northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region are political manipulations by anti-China forces, and so-called sanctions are futile and cannot shake the region's stability and development, spokespersons from the regional government said on November 22.

The spokespersons, Xu Guixiang and Elijan Anayat, made the remarks during an online seminar held by the Chinese consulate-general in Osaka, Japan.

"Anti-China forces want to create instability in Xinjiang and bring the region back to the days when violence and terrorism occurred frequently," Xu said. "There has been no violent terrorist attack in Xinjiang for five consecutive years. It is impossible for anti-China forces to incite and plot such incidents as they did in the past."

Xu also rebuked the false reports by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, saying the so-called "detention centers" are actually buildings of local government offices, logistics parks and schools.

Elijan Anayat said Xinjiang's cotton industry is enjoying booming momentum, and it is impossible for a few countries that want to curb China's development by fabricating rumors to succeed.

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