The countryside to get a modern makeover
By Editorial  ·  2021-03-22  ·   Source: NO.12 MARCH 25, 2021

With the unprecedented victory against poverty that benefited the largest population in history, China's development vision has now shifted its focus to rural vitalization.

The government has been seeking to strengthen agriculture through modernization, develop the countryside and ensure prosperity for farmers. However, most rural areas are still far from meeting the target in all aspects.

To meet the goal, a modern agricultural system has to be completed first. With the progress of a new type of industrialization and urbanization, a large volume of rural labor force in their prime is migrating from the countryside to cities, leaving the former bereft of workers, especially in agriculture.

Additionally, as China has opened up, agricultural product imports may make an impact on local production. The nation faces the questions of who will do the farming and how to farm, which concern national food security and the quality and competitiveness of domestic agriculture.

Rural vitalization will improve the domestic capability to ensure food

security and transform agriculture from a quantity-oriented industry into a quality-oriented one. This will also improve farmers' income.

The goal of building a harmonious and eco-friendly countryside suitable for both business and living has also not been met by a long chalk. While some rural areas can be held up as model villages, the vast majority is still under extensive agricultural production. There are concerns about overexploitation of land and water, and excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides, which may lead to pollution.

So while advancing rural vitalization, a red line of ecological protection must be observed. Green development needs to be promoted in the countryside. It is also necessary to improve the rural governance system and encourage self-governance by villagers.

In short, this is a project that needs long-term efforts. It needs the development of industries, talents, culture and tourism. The drive must also take into consideration local conditions because the purpose is not to turn villages into cities but to balance the development of both and integrate both.

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