Multiple political parties, social societies submit Joint Statement to WHO to oppose politicizing virus origin-tracing
  ·  2021-08-03  ·   Source: Xinhua News Agency


A woman wearing a mask walks at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the United States, on January 30 (XINHUA)  

Over 300 political parties, social societies and think tanks in over 100 countries and districts opposed politicizing virus origin-tracing in a joint statement sent to the World Health Organization (WHO) Secretariate on August 2.

In the face of the grave threat COVID-19 possess to life, safety and health of all mankind, the statement stressed that the international society needs to strengthen anti-epidemic cooperation, called for the WHO to carry out global virus origin-tracing research in an objective and fair manner, and stands resolutely against politicizing virus origin-tracing issue.

"We as humans live in a community in which we rise and fall together with a shared future. In the face of major crises, no single country can remain insulated and intact. Viruses know no border or races. The only way to defeat them is for the international community to work together," the statement said.

"(The coronavirus') origin-tracing is a serious scientific issue that must be studied by scientists and medical experts around the world through cooperation before any scientific conclusion is drawn on the basis of facts and evidences," the paper stressed.


A woman wearing a face mask walks on Via dei Condotti in Rome, Italy, on January 27 (XINHUA)  

"We are of the view that origin-tracing is the shared obligation of all countries. The outline of the next step work plan proposed unilaterally by the WHO Secretariate has neither complied with what is stipulated in the relevant Resolution of the World Health Assembly, nor been consulted adequately with Member States, still less fully reflected the latest research achievements of the global origin-tracing. Hence it is not conducive to offering due guidance for future cooperation thereof," the statement said.

It calls on the Secretariate of the World Health Organization to "act on relevant resolution adopted by the World Health Assembly to advance global origin-tracing study in cooperation with all Member States while giving full consideration to the emerging new scientific evidences and faithfully following the recommendations of the Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019."

"We support medical experts and scientific researchers in carrying out thorough origin-tracing in a professional spirit covering multiple countries and multiple locations, so as to provide necessary reference experience for the prevention of the next possible pandemic," it noted.


A police officer is seen near Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia, on July 18 (XINHUA)  

"We resolutely oppose any attempt of politicization, geographical labeling and stigmatisation as well as the obstruction by any political factor and political manipulation to the research process and the international anti-epidemic cooperation," the statement said.

"We appreciate the fact that China and other countries have taken positive moves in providing vaccines to the rest of the world, in particular to developing countries, making important contribution to the global anti-epidemic cooperation. We call on vaccine-capable countries to refrain from imposing export restrictions or resorting to excessive hoarding and to resolutely oppose vaccine nationalism so that the global immunisation gap can be narrowed, and a stronger international fence against the virus can take shape," it added.

"We are of the view that political parties and organizations of all countries must shoulder their responsibility to enhance cooperation, work hard to facilitate global anti-epidemic cooperation, policy coordination and complementary actions, so as to inject inexhaustible driving force for the global fight against COVID-19 and the building of a global community of health for all," the statement underlined.

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