Issue 29
From the Editor–October 2016
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Dear Traveler

This year has flown by and I sincerely hope you've had more highs than lows so far in 2016. And speaking of highs, this month's issue of Africa Travel is all about the air up there.

Act quickly to experience the ultimate bucket list hot air balloon adventure in Zambia. Kafue's Busanga Plains in Zambia, where the luxury safari operator's Shumba & Busanga Camps are situated, is considered to be one of the most exclusive hot air ballooning destinations in Africa. Until the October 31, 2016, guests of luxury safari tour operator, Wilderness Safaris, visiting their camps in the Plains for three or more nights will receive a complimentary hot air balloon safari - arguably the most exclusive hot air ballooning experience in Africa.

And still staying in Zambia, there is nothing like the breath-taking sweeping views of the Victoria Falls in Livingston from a helicopter. Experiencing one of the Wonders of the World this way is an experience your grandchildren will tell their grandchildren you have done.

A "high" of a different kind is the historic trip some 150 elephants made to their new home in Malawi for the sake of their survival. A non-profit organization called African Parks embarked on this massive undertaking a couple of months ago. July saw the start of one of the world's largest and most significant elephant translocations in Malawi, a country located in south-eastern Africa. Since then, these elephants have made the 350 km journey to their new home, Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. In addition to the elephants, thousands of other animals including sable, waterbuck, zebra, kudu, eland and warthogs are also being translocated; all with the goal of repopulating Nkhotakota and restoring it to its former glory after years of neglect and poaching.

And last but not least, we take a splendid excursion to the tranquil De Hoek Country Hotel, near the Magaliesburg close to Johannesburg in South Africa. The fresh country air and exquisite food will make you to want to come back from more, guaranteed.

So enjoy the month of October in Africa and until next month, bon voyage!

Jo Kromberg,

Travel Editor

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