Issue 42
From the Editor - December 2017
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The year 2017 in the West is almost at an end and it is that time when we look back and reflect on the good and the bad and look forward to brand new experiences and adventures in 2018.

I would highly recommend you have a close look at your vacation planner and follow a fast emerging trend for Chinese travelers in the know - coming to Africa. According to Africa News, the number of visitors who went to Africa in 2016 was mainly due to looser visa restrictions and new direct flights between China and Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Africa, among other destinations. In South Africa alone, Chinese arrivals were up 93 percent in 2016. Chinese tourists are looking for new holiday destinations beyond Europe, looking to countries in search of exotic culture and services which the continent certainly has to offer.

And you will be amazed at exactly how sophisticated the tourism offering is in some of the most unlikely places in Africa. Take the Gold Coast City of Accra in Ghana for instance. We look at how The Kempinski Hotel in Accra has recently welcomed both local audiences and international visitors to discover their new Accra "Art Safari" experience. Based at this unique five-star property, the hotel acts as a hub for visitors to experience a journey of cultural and artistic experiences, available throughout the hotel and within the capital.

So forget Paris. Can you imagine your friends' expressions when you tell them you went to Africa and saw sublime art?

We also introduce you to an extraordinary woman who almost single-handedly is changing the way we look at the concept of wellness. As the founder of Healing Hotels of the World, German native, Anne Biging is a force of nature. She is global thought leader with more a string of international awards, a fearless, intrepid and resilient traveler and entrepreneur but ultimately one of the warmest, most genuine human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting in many years. She's been interviewed by luminaries such as Richard Quest on CNN's Business Traveler, the Huffington Post and many more authoritative publications and last month I had the honor of chatting to her. Read all about her amazing wellness hotel concept.

And last but not least we take you to Zambia again. One of my favorite places in all the world, the Victoria Falls is one of the Wonders of the World but this time we travel about an hour upstream to experience the sublime Royal Chundu Lodge. A few days in this paradise and you will never be the same.

So until we meet next year, enjoy this issue of Africa Travel and bon voyage!

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