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A clear vision amidst uncertainty
For the first time, China's top leader addressed global issues in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, where political and business elites from across the planet gathered at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2017. More
President Xi: the spread of corruption has been effectively contained
The anti-corruption battle must go deeper, President Xi Jinping said on January 6, calling for strict governance of the Communist Party of China (CPC) systematically, creatively and effectively. More
China's economy grew 6.7% in 2016, remains global growth driver
China's economy ended 2016 on a positive note, supported by consumer spending and a booming property market, and remained a key engine for global economic expansion. More
Contribute Chinese wisdom to building a better world
By offering Chinese wisdom and Chinese proposals, we will make positive contributions to building a better world. More
Contemporary World Magazine
Contemporary World provides readers with a full spectrum of up-to-date information and multi-perspective views about the world’s political, economic, military and social arenas, with comprehensive coverage of major diplomatic events. More
Getting to know China through keywords
Maintaining and developing an open world economy
China encourages all countries to open their doors wider, stand firm against protectionism in all its forms and work in concert to promote the growth of the world economy. More
Confining power to an institutional cage
The move to confine the exercise of power within an institutional cage is meant to strengthen oversight of the work of the government and deter possible misuse of power by government officials. More
Major events in January
Jan. 1: China urges BRICS nations to deepen partnership
President Xi Jinping called on BRICS countries, namely, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, to deepen their partnership for a brighter future.
Jan. 9: China willing to expand cooperation with Zimbabwe
President Xi Jinping said that China is willing to encourage capable companies to invest in Zimbabwe and expand mutually beneficial cooperation.
Jan. 11: Top legislator calls for improved China-Japan legislative cooperation
Top legislator Zhang Dejiang called on China and Japan to push bilateral ties "in the right direction" through legislative cooperation.
Jan. 12: China, Vietnam agree on closer cooperation
Communist Party chiefs of China and Vietnam agreed that the two countries should expand cooperation in various fields including maritime exploration and put ties on the right track.
Jan. 20: China to continue higher-level opening up
Premier Li Keqiang held a discussion with foreign experts working in China.
Jan. 22: Xi to head central commission for integrated military, civilian development
The commission will be tasked with decision-making, deliberation and coordination of major issues regarding integrated military and civilian development.