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Highlights of Xi Jinping’s Keynote Speech at the CPC in Dialogue With World Political Parties High-Level Meeting

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and President of People's Republic of China, delivered a keynote speech on December 1 at the opening ceremony of the CPC in Dialogue With World Political Parties High-Level Meeting, expressing the CPC’s willingness to work with other political parties around the world to promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind and a better world. Highlights of his speech are as follows:

Building a community with a shared future for mankind

Xi said building a community with a shared future for mankind means closely connecting the prospects and destinies of every nation, sharing weal and woe, and turning the Earth into a harmonious family.

"Facing increasingly complicated and integrated threats, we shall not fight alone, nor shall we worship military force," Xi said, adding all nations should pursue a new concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and should join hands to create fair, just and shared security to eliminate the root cause of war.

Furthermore, nations should strive to eliminate poverty and promote common prosperity, Xi said, noting that the world should work toward an economic globalization that is open, inclusive, balanced, equitable and beneficial to all, a globalization that brings common prosperity and creates comfortable living conditions for future generations.

While emphasizing the significance of an open and inclusive world, Xi urged the world to break cultural barriers and let all kinds of civilizations coexist and grow in harmony.

Stressing the building of a clean and beautiful world with picturesque scenery, Xi called for efforts to ensure coexistence between man and nature, cherish the environment as we cherish our own lives, respect and protect nature, and safeguard the irreplaceable planet Earth.

New model of party-to-party relations

Xi proposed to develop a new model of party-to-party relations, in which political parties seek common ground while shelving differences, and respect and learn from one another.

Political parties of different countries should work together for an international network of cooperation and exchanges in various forms and at multiple levels, he said.

With an open vision and broad mind, the CPC is willing to carry out dialogues, exchanges and cooperation with peoples and political parties of other countries, he noted.

In the next five years, the CPC would like to invite 15,000 members of foreign political parties to China for exchanges, Xi said.

Xi also suggested that the CPC in Dialogue With World Political Parties High-Level Meeting be institutionalized and developed into a high-level political dialogue platform with broad representation and international influence.

China will not “export” Chinese model

Xi said the CPC would neither import foreign models of development nor export the Chinese model.

"We will not ask other countries to copy China's practices," said Xi. He reiterated that the CPC strives for both the well-being of the Chinese people and human progress. Therefore, besides taking care of China's internal matters, the CPC will create opportunities for the world through China's development.

The CPC, the biggest political party in the world, will explore the law of social development and share it with other nations.

Xi stressed that the CPC knows deeply the value of peace and will, as always, contribute to world peace. He also pledged that China will never seek hegemony or engage in expansionism, no matter what stage of development it reaches, but it will keep on working for common development and contributing to exchanges and mutual learning between different peoples.


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