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Thursday, October 5, 2017       MONTHLY
Videos to know more about the CPC National Congress

As the opening of the 19th CPC National Congress draws near, the Communist Party of China once again becomes the center of global spotlight. In the past several decades, the CPC Congress system has matured to become one of the most important democratic systems in the country.

The delegates to the congress will deliberate on reports, discuss key issues and make decisions, and elect the new leadership of the central authorities. In a word, they are responsible for steering the nation in the right direction, which makes the process of choosing the delegates even more important. The report to the CPC National Congress is about the people’s life and also how the path, theory and institutions of the CPC and China will evolve. And the CPC National Congress is the supreme leadership organ of the Communist Party of China. It enjoys an extremely important role in the CPC. Decision-making and elections are the two most important functions of the CPC National Congress.

And then, how are delegates to the CPC National Congress elected? How is the report to the CPC National Congress produced? How is the CPC National Congress held?

We are presenting you with three animated videos produced by Fuxing Road Studio. The following three videos have answered the three questions with the lucid, lively and newly-minted animated stories. Using large amount of straps and lines, which are of modern popular style, the three videos are depicting CPC's image as always keeping pace with the times, open, and inclusive. Scan the QR code to know more.

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