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By Li Xiaoyang 
A conference on the core values of the Communist Party of China is held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province on November 21 (COURTESY PHOTO)

China has become a role model for many other countries in terms of pursuing economic growth while protecting the environment and improving people's well-being, Amirah Kaca Sumarto, a member of the Party of Functional Groups in Indonesia, said at a gathering of global political parties in Nanchang City on November 20-21.

Jointly hosted by the International Department of the CPC Central Committee and the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee, the event was attended by over 300 members of political parties from around 60 countries.

Through turning visions into reality, China has impressed the world with its prominent growth. Its achievements can be partially attributed to the unique development path in line with domestic conditions, according to Helal Helal, Deputy General Secretary of the Baath Arab Socialist Party of Syria.

"The trips these days allow me to see the achievements of China with my own eyes, such as better housing, improved well-being of the people and technological innovation," Sumarto said, adding that the country's reform and opening up is quite relevant and motivating for Indonesia.

Hossam Elkhouly, General Secretary of Future of Nation Party of Egypt, also noted that much of China's experience is worth learning from. "It has achieved rapid development over the past decades and improved living standards of its people, which is far from easy for a country with around 1.3 billion population," he told the gathering.

As a follow-up of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee held in October, the event continued to focus on improving the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics and promoting the modernization of the country's system and capacity of national governance.

Song Tao, Minister of International Department of the CPC Central Committee, delivers a speech during a conference on the CPC’s core values in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province on November 21 (COURTESY PHOTO)

China's practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics provides good reference for other countries to pay close attention to their own national conditions and formulate corresponding plans, Sumarto said.

The benefits of China's growth are expected to go beyond the Chinese people as the country pushes ahead with further opening up and seeks more international cooperation, according to Khamphanh Phommathath, a member of the Political Bureau of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party Central Committee and the Secretariat of the Committee. China has seen its global and regional influence rise as it shoulders its responsibility as a major power. Its progress has contributed to regional economic growth and promoted common development, notably through cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

"China with steady growth will further deliver great benefits to the world, which can advance reforms of the global governance system," Bjornar Selnes Skjaeran, Deputy Leader of the Norwegian Labor Party told Beijing Review.

According to Su Changhe, Dean of the School of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University, the country needs to further improve exchanges with other countries on national governance for joint development.

Copyedited by Madhusudan Chaubey

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