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A Healing Touch
The delegates of overseas Chinese students pose for a photo with boxes of health kits at the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Frankfurt, Germany, on April 2 (XINHUA)
Since the outbreak of the epidemic overseas, protective equipment including face masks have been in short supply worldwide.

Under the joint support of the finance, education, aviation and national health sectors, each embassy and consulate immediately acted, fully mobilizing all resources to collect and send health packs to students overseas, sparing no effort to solve the practical difficulties they are facing.

In accordance with the general deployment of the Chinese government, face masks, disinfectant, sanitizing wipes and other urgently needed materials have been collected and distributed to Chinese students through various channels.

The Chinese Embassy in the UK has prepared 200,000 "health packages", trying its best to ensure that every overseas student can get one. At present, Sri Lanka is running extremely short of epidemic prevention equipment and has imposed martial law. Seeing that many Chinese staying outside the capital of Sri Lanka need masks urgently, the Chinese embassy there immediately communicated with local governments and coordinated with local police to deliver masks and other emergency supplies by relay to Chinese compatriots including overseas students.

A health kit provided by Chinese Embassy in France includes medicine face masks and disinfectant wipes (FILE)

At present, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has prioritized work regarding the "health packages," allocating 500,000 to countries with more Chinese students, including more than 11 million masks, 500,000 disinfection materials, and epidemic prevention guidelines. Since many countries have implemented national lockdown or lockdown on cities, the foreign ministry and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) have been racing against time to prioritize deliveries of the "health packages" by civil aviation planes, so as to ensure overseas students can receive them in a timely manner.

For instance, the Chinese Embassy in Japan sent out a survey through public platforms to identify needs, sending the first batch of 30,000 masks to over 4,000 students lacking protective equipment.

Before the arrival of the health packs from China, the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco actively collected over 20,000 masks and sent them to students stranded in hard-hit areas.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and overseas embassies and consulates will consider the current situation in the students' host countries, continuously sending out health packs to those students stranded by the epidemic in a timely manner, sparing no effort to assist them in the fight against the epidemic, jointly safeguarding their health and safety and overcoming the current crisis.

On March 25, the CAAC embarked on a mission to transport health packs containing hygiene products to Chinese students overseas. This task was assigned in accordance with the requirements made by the Leading Group of the CPC Central Committee on Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control, the concrete deployments of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council and the general demands provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The first batch of more than 300,000 packs, weighing 300 tons, will be delivered to 46 Chinese embassies and consulates in 12 countries, namely, Italy, South Korea, France, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, Australia, Canada and Malaysia, before reaching the students.

While coordinating with China Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, the CAAC has drawn up a plan with multiple approaches, such as, transporting the health packs in the holds of passenger planes, making full use of cargo aircrafts and refurbishing passenger airliners for cargo services.

Staff members carry supplies of health packages at the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Osaka, on April 11 (XINHUA)

The delivery of the packs will be prioritized under the joint efforts between the CAAC and the airlines involved to ensure that the necessities can reach our embassies and consulates overseas as soon as possible, as a substantial number of international passenger flights have been suspended.

In terms of our latest plan, CAAC will finish delivering the more-than-300,000 packs with an estimated weight of around 300tons, by April 10.

Although the "health package" is small, it conveys the care and love of the motherland, the Party and our people, making overseas students feel a sense of warmth.

Many overseas students have stated that the "health packages" let them truly feel the care of the motherland and have strengthened their confidence in fighting the epidemic. They said they would protect themselves well while completing their studies, and serve the motherland as soon as possible.

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