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Turning Zhejiang Into a Demonstration Zone for Common Prosperity

On June 10, the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council jointly issued a guideline on turning Zhejiang into a demonstration zone for the achieving of common prosperity. 

Common prosperity is an essential requirement of socialism and the people's common aspirations. 

The efforts are conducive to further enrich the ideological connotation of common prosperity through practice;

to explore effective approaches to solve the principal contradictions facing Chinese society in the new era;

to provide specific provincial examples for promoting common prosperity throughout the country;

and to create a window for comprehensively demonstrating the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

Strategic Positioning: 

Pioneer zone for high-quality development and high-quality life

Leading zone for coordinated development of urban and rural areas and regions

Pilot area for the reform of the income distribution system

Demonstration area for civilized, harmonious and beautiful households


By 2025, Zhejiang should achieve solid progress in building the demonstration zone.

By 2035, Zhejiang's systems and mechanisms for common prosperity should also become better-developed.


Improving the quality and efficiency of development and consolidating the material foundation for common prosperity

1. Improving capacity for independent innovation

2. Creating new industrial competitive advantages

3. Boosting the efficiency of economic circulation

4. Stimulating the vitality of various market entities

Deepening reform of the income distribution system and increase urban and rural incomes through multiple channels

5. Promoting fuller, high-quality employment

6. Increasing people's incomes constantly

7. Expanding the size of the middle-income group

8. Improving the redistribution system

9. Establishing and enhancing the incentive mechanism to repay society

Narrowing the development gap between urban and rural areas and between regions, and ensuring that quality public services are shared

10. Taking the lead in ensuring equal access to basic public services

11. Taking the lead in achieving integrated urban and rural development

12. Improving living conditions for both urban and rural residents

13. Strengthening the social security benefits and other social safety net programs

14. Improving the mechanism for allowing some people to get rich first and then inspire and help others to become rich

Making China a cultural hub for the new era and enriching people's lives

15. Improving social civilization

16. Carrying forward fine traditional culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture

Practicing the concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, and create a beautiful and livable living environment

17. Constructing a beautiful Zhejiang with high standards

18. Transforming ways of working and living into green habits

Adhering to and developing the Fengqiao experience in the new era to create a comfortable social environment

19. Improving governance efficiency through digital reform

20. Building a law-based Zhejiang and safe Zhejiang

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