Improve the urban and rural labor markets and bridge the gaps between them
  ·  2020-11-25  ·   Source: NO.48 NOVEMBER 26, 2020
Fishermen show captured fish in Bostan Lake in Bohu County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region northwest China on August 8(XINHUA)
For revitalizing rural areas, it is vital to improve the urban and rural labor markets and bridge the gaps between them.
When the urban and rural labor markets are closely connected, it not only broadens ways for villagers to increase their income but also improves resource allocation in cities and the countryside. With a combined market providing employment information, the surplus rural labor can shift from agricultural activities to cities' service industries. That can increase both their incomes and consumption. The improvement will be a fundamental force during urban-rural integration.
Also, in this way, rural laborers can understand the market competition and enhance their ability to adapt to the situation.
At the same time, local governments should design an incentive mechanism for people returning to villages and starting their own businesses. With entrepreneurship subsidies and infrastructural support, college graduates, migrant workers, veterans, and other cities' talents can contribute to rural innovation and create more jobs.
An improved support system including training, professional title appraisal and social security will guarantee an integrated urban-rural market. Governments at all levels should launch projects to nurture new farmers, who are modern agricultural practitioners working in the sector with complementary professional skills.

This is an edited excerpt of an article originally published in People's Daily on November 12  

(Print Edition Title: Linking Markets, Bridging Gaps)  

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