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Micro-blogs Change China
Due to the fast growth and high impact of micro-blogs, they have made communication more transparent and created a dynamic new platform for the equal exchange of information among all people
Micro-blogs Fire Up the Net

The year 2010, which witnessed an explosion of micro-blogging, is regarded as the inaugural year for China's micro-blogging. According to the 2010 China Micro-blog Annual Report released by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, by October 2010, there had been 13 million micro-blog users in China and micro-blogging has become a new channel for citizens to express their opinions on hot social issues

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Landmark Micro-blog Events in 2010
Li Qiming
The 22-year-old drunk driver caused a car accident at Hebei University on October 16. When caught by security guards, Li shouted, "Go ahead, sue me if you dare. My dad is Li Gang!"
Fang Zhouzi
Fang's wife revealed a violent attack on the famous "science cop" on Fang's micro-blog. Police investigations found it was masterminded by a urologist who, Fang said, had been involved in academic fraud
Louis Cha
The writer was rumored to be dead through micro-blogs on December 6. The incident triggered suggestions the government should focus on developing its information channels by using micro-blogs to prevent false rumors
Yu Jianrong
The professor made public a war of words between himself and local officials in Jiangxi Province over forced demolitions of private homes on his micro-blog on November 1
Tang Jun
Former President of Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd. becomes the focus of public controversy over his credentials, after being accused of fabricating his resume
Zhou Libo
The famous Shanghai-based stand-up comedian, called the Internet "a public toilet," where netizens throw their "private crap," on his micro-blog on November 20
Micro Blog, Macro Power
New Internet activity is becoming a channel for delivering information
Micro-blogs Become Powerful Media
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