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China sets goals for development of postgraduate education
  ·  2020-09-23  ·   Source: Xinhua News Agency

China has unveiled a guideline on accelerating the reform and development of postgraduate education, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said at a press conference on September 22.

Goals were set for Chinese postgraduate education in a document issued by the MOE in collaboration with the National Development and Reform Commission as well as the Ministry of Finance.

By 2025, a high-level postgraduate education system will be basically in place, according to the document. The system will have an optimized scale and structure, improved institutions and mechanisms, enhanced education quality, and growing international influence.

By 2035, China will have generally developed into a leading country for postgraduate education with Chinese characteristics, the guideline added.

Calling for a new mechanism to develop basic, applied and interdisciplinary studies, the document stressed the importance of strategic support for emerging disciplines to better meet the country's needs.

Highlighting the importance of cultivating postgraduate students' innovation capabilities, the guideline said enrollment plans should be targeted at the frontiers of science and technology, as well as other key fields.

Special programs should be launched to nurture much-needed, high-caliber professionals in these key fields, according to the document.

Investment in doctoral education will be increased, said Hong Dayong, an official with the MOE, adding that support will be tilted toward the basic research and development of core technologies in key fields.

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