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Nanjing Massacre survivor dies at 85
  ·  2021-09-22  ·   Source: China Daily

An 85-year-old survivor of the Nanjing Massacre died on September 20, leaving the number of survivors officially registered with the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders to 62.

Fu Zhaozeng, who was born into a tailor's family, was an infant when the Japanese army captured Nanjing in December 1937. The soldiers fired shots at him and his relatives at a square near the Changle Road when they were setting fire in the area.

One of Fu's aunts died on the spot. Fu was shot in the leg when his mother ran back home with him in her arms. While they were fleeing, his mother breastfed him to prevent him from crying.

Fu and his family then hid inside a safety zone until the massacre ended. He worked for a fertilizer plant in Nanjing until his retirement.

Fu contacted the memorial hall in 1990 and was confirmed a massacre survivor by the hall. He attended almost all the commemorative activities when he was still in good health.

He used to say that after what his family experienced, he cherished his life blessed with abundant food and clothing and surrounded by his grandchildren.


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