Webinar zooms in on global museum cooperation
By Yuan Yuan  ·  2022-05-20  ·   Source: Web Exclusive


An online forum of the China-Europe-America Museums Cooperation Initiative in session on May 19 (COURTESY PHOTO)  

For the second consecutive year, the dialogue of the China-Europe-America Museums Cooperation Initiative took place online on May 19, bringing together 31 personalities from the realms of art and culture. 

After the success of the first dialogue, centering on the impact of technological developments on museums, the second one discussed the role of  technology in the preservation of cultural heritage and the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural property, including artworks. 

David Gosset, founder of the China-Europe-America Global Initiative, highlighted the event's significance as it gathered representatives of important Chinese, European and American museums and other personalities from 10 different countries. In a reference to Victor Hugo (1802-1885), Gosset asserted that one should not oppose the protection of local cultures or the preservation of world heritage because these two efforts complement one another. 

"The world is undergoing great changes," said Gao Anming, Editor in Chief and Vice President of China International Communications Group, while delivering a speech at the event. “Where it heads for depends largely on how different countries view different civilizations. Museums bear the fruits of human civilization and are a strong link of international cultural exchange. Strengthening their cooperation can better help countries overcome disparities.” 

Irina Kokova, former UNESCO Director General, participated in the event, for the second time. "Last year, I spoke about a museum's main functions, namely preservation, research, communication, and education," she said. "Today, I would like to emphasize another critical aspect of museums. Illicit trafficking of art and cultural property has become a serious issue over the last 30 years." 

This issue was featured in a separate session on illegal art trade during this year's event. Two other sessions of the event homed in on problems regarding the origins and verification of artworks and partnerships between public and private sectors, respectively.  

In conclusion, Gosset expressed his hope that after two consecutive years of online meetings, the third dialogue in 2023 will take place offline.   

Copyedited by Elsbeth van Paridon  

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