No democracy works better than the one that best suits a country's conditions
  ·  2022-03-11  ·   Source: NO.11 MARCH 17, 2022

Democracy was a hot topic at the recently concluded National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee sessions.

This world has different races and nations as well as diversified forms of democracy. These diversifications do have something in common, such as the pursuit of freedom and providing citizens with the rights to vote and to be voted for. Similarities aside, the U.S. advocates electoral democracy, whereas China stresses a whole-process people's democracy.

China's version covers elections, consultations, decision-making, management and oversight. In the eyes of the Chinese citizens, the best way to evaluate whether a country's political system is democratic and efficient is to observe whether the succession of its leading body occurs orderly and in line with the law, whether all people can manage state affairs and social, economic and cultural affairs in conformity with legal provisions, whether the public can express their requirements without hindrance, whether all sectors can efficiently participate in the country's political affairs, whether national decisions can be made in a rational, democratic way, whether professionals from all fields can be part of the national leadership team and administrative systems through fair competition, whether the ruling party can serve as a leader in state affairs in accordance with the Constitution and laws, and whether the exercise of power can be kept under effective restraint and supervision.

True democracy depends on whether citizens can genuinely partake after the votes are cast and counted. China's whole-process people's democracy ensures this. The Chinese Government has offered better opportunities for the people to take part in political affairs so their voices can be heard on diverse issues; China has developed a unique socialist consultative democracy, pooling the wisdom and strength of all political parties, organizations, ethnic groups and sectors of society; the country has also maximized its decision-making transparency to ensure all decisions serve the people's interests and aspirations.

No two political systems are exactly alike. What kind of democracy to practice should be decided by a country's people. No democracy works better than the one that best suits the country's conditions and development. 

(Print Edition Title: The Right Fit)


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