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Putting the people first
By Lan Xinzhen  ·  2020-12-30  ·   Source: Web Exclusive


Starting from January 1, 2021, new interim tariff rates, which are lower than most-favored-nation tariff rates, will apply to 883 types of imports, whereas anticancer drugs, the raw materials for medicines for rare diseases and special formula for ailing children will enjoy zero tariffs. Meanwhile, the tariffs on several other medications, medical equipment and milk powder will also be cut. These new measures intend to relieve patients of hefty economic burdens and improve the public's overall life quality. 

"Put the people first" is the Chinese Government's guiding principle in governance. The widely lauded attitude is embraced by Chinese society as it has brought huge tangible benefits to people nationwide. 

Since the very beginning of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, the principle of making the people's lives and health a top priority has served as the parameter for all further undertakings.  

In its first fight against COVID-19, China manages to have all those who should be tested, and all admitted patients treated. Resources rounded up from across the country were sent to Wuhan in central China. Meanwhile, people across the country were mobilized in a comprehensive collection of precautions against the coronavirus.  

It only took three months for China to contain COVID-19 after its initial outbreak, and as a result its industries, as well as economy at large, could reopen, and people's lives returned to normal -- sooner rather than later. The year 2020 saw China stand out, while the rest of the world suffered the continued COVID-19 ravages.  

"Put the people first" is the bedrock of all policies and governmental undertakings. After eight years of unrelenting hard work, 2020 saw China lift all rural citizens living below the current poverty line of $ 1.90 a day. 

The 2021 goals as set by the recent Central Economic Work Conference further display this notion, including the improvement of the nation's social security network, the equalization of income distribution, the increased input in public health care, education, as well as child care and elderly support, and the battle against the housing problem across big cities. 

"Put the people first" is not only the guiding principle of Communist Party China (CPC) in national governance but also is a reflection of its long-upheld values. Why does it adhere to this principle?  

The underlying reason therefore is that, from its very inception, the CPC has always aimed to serve as the sincerest representative of the most fundamental interests of the majority of the Chinese people.  

Listen to the people's voices, try its very best to increase the people's well-being and let the people be the judges of its work, and this is the mature governance model of the CPC. "What matters to the people most" sums the CPC and the Chinese Government's work priority. 

Copyedited by Elsbeth van Paridon 
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