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Employment matters most
Editorial  ·  2022-02-18  ·   Source: NO.8 FEBRUARY 24, 2022

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) launched a nationwide campaign to provide employment services to migrant workers, low-income groups and different employers with labor needs. Running from January 21 to March 31, this is one initiative courtesy of the Chinese Government to guarantee job security, a top priority on the central agenda. According to the MOHRSS, as of February 15, over 500 million yuan ($78.62 million) worth in subsidies have been provided by local governments to employees working during Spring Festival, and a total of 10,000 job fairs hosted nationwide. Having an occupation is vital for a person's wellbeing and further determines overall economic development.

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic will make job security a serious topic in 2022, with the number of Chinese college graduates totaling at 10 million for the first time. In addition to the migrant workforce and others seeking work, local governments must make extra efforts to ensure their residents' employment in 2022.

The Central Government will better coordinate the employment-first strategy with the fiscal, monetary and industrial policies. The focus will be on hiring those difficult to employ, like people with disabilities, plus women and workers in areas with unstable foundations for poverty alleviation.

The dynamic growth of new economic forms such as the platform and sharing economies has diversified types of employment; flex work arrangements have become a new choice for young people. The government is also improving the security system and related measures for those with non-standard work hours to protect their rights and interests in labor remuneration, social insurance and work environment safety.

The government has further urged local administrations to strengthen the assessment and forecast of the general employment situation in their areas to prevent large-scale unemployment. Tightened labor laws and regulations intend to eliminate all forms of discrimination in the job market.

Both China's employers and job seekers find it challenging to have their expectations met. The mismatch between labor supply and demand increases the probability of temporary unemployment. Consequently, a sound employment service system that facilitates matchmaking by granting all parties better access to more information is necessary to up employment rates.

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