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The Cradle of C919
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  • A C919 airplane test bed in the integration test complex of the Chinese COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute. Tests of C919, including its design, development, airworthiness and operation, are done here
  • A C919 engineering simulator, comprised of a flight simulation system and a flight control system, is a test device that artificially re-creates a high-fidelity and motion-based environment in which aircraft fly, for pilot training and design
  • The wing test rig in the C919 airplane test bed
  • Some C919 production models are displayed in the integration test complex
  • The cockpit of a C919 prototype
  • The layout of a C919 prototype
  • The C919 flight recorders under test in an avionic lab
  • Two engineers are working on the C919 systems integration test rig
  • 01.jpg
  • 02.jpg
  • 03.jpg
  • 04.jpg
  • 05.jpg
  • 06.jpg
  • 07.jpg
  • 08.jpg

Edited by Li Nan, photos by Xinhua

Chinese COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute is where C919, China's first homemade large passenger jet, has been developed since 2008. The jet rolled off the assembly line in Shanghai on November 2, 2015.

The passenger capacity of the twin-engine and single-aisle C919 ranges from 158 in a two-class layout to 168 in all-economy mode and 174 in a high-density arrangement. It has a standard flight range of about 4,075 km, while an extended version is capable of flying 5,555 km without refueling.

The jets will be put through vigorous test flights, focusing on avionics, flight controls, hydraulics and airborne systems. With its maiden voyage scheduled for this year, the C919 is likely to go into commercial service by 2019.

Copyedited by Dominic James Madar  

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