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Tide of Returning
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  • Chen Ning (center) is founder of IntelliFusion, an innovative AI tech company established in August 2014 in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, talks with employees on May 18, 2016. Chen left Silicon Valley in the U.S. in August 2014 and start his own business in Shenzhen(XINHUA)
  • Li Xiangyang, an expert in oil and gas exploration, returned to China in 2008 after working overseas for more than 20 years and joined the China National Petroleum engage in developing the world’s most advanced oil and gas exploration techniques(XINHUA)
  • Ding Hong is deputy director of the National Lab for Condensed Matter Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He returned to China in 2008 after quitting his position as a tenured professor at Boston College in the U.S. (XINHUA)
  • Sun Xunyun (right) works at a Suntific Materials, Ltd. in Weifang City, Shandong Province, in November 2013. After graduating from Dalhousie University in Canada with a doctor's degree and University of Missouri in the U.S. with a post-doctoral degree, Sun decided to come back to China in 2010 to start his own business developing photoresist technologies( XINHUA)
  • Sheng Kuang (right), a Professor at the College of Electrical Engineering in Zhejiang University, checks semiconductor chips with his students in a lab on May 23, 2016. Sheng quit his position as a tenured associate professor at Rutgers University in the U.S. in 2009 at the age of 34 (XINHUA)
  • Ding Xianfeng quit his job as a sensor system platform architect at Intel in the U.S. and joined Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. as Director and Chief Scientist of Huawei's sensor lab. Now he is a leading figure in the global sensor industry(XINHUA)
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The turn of the century has seen the largest amount of Chinese who had been studying or working overseas returning to China. What attracted these returnees was the dynamic development of China, its vast opportunities, and the favorable environment for start-ups or academic research.


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