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Life Story of Nang Makers in Xinjiang
  ·  2015-09-24  ·   Source:

Abduweli Rozi distributes nang , a kind of crusty bread, to a seller in Turpan, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XINHUA)

Nearly every early morning, 45-year-old Abduweli Rozi and his wife wake up before 3 o'clock and start their work. In the next 10 hours, they would make 300 nang s and distribute to sellers in the town. This is just one part of the story that took place everyday in a cooperative group of nang  makers in Turpan. Besides Abduweli Rozi's famliy, 17 families work together in one yard so far, adhering to a quality standard and attracting many customers. Abduweli Rozi started making the nang  since 2014 and could earn around 20,000 yuan ($3,134) a year.


Abduweli Rozi and his wife make nang  at their workshop in Turpan (XINHUA)


Abduweli Rozi and his wife make nang  at their workshop (XINHUA)


Abduweli Rozi and his wife prepare to bake nang  (XINHUA)


Abduweli Rozi puts nang  into a stove (XINHUA)


The interior of a stove for baking nang  (XINHUA)

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