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Time to End Double Standards on Human Rights
Each country should seek human rights suitable for its own national conditions
  ·  2016-12-12  ·   Source:

December 10 marks Human Rights Day, and it is a good time to ponder mankind's common goal of human rights for all.

Fulfilling such a shared aspiration requires different countries to learn and cooperate with each other. This will create healthy and effective global governance and help build human rights. Sadly, the current landscape provides a sharp contrast to such aims.

Certain western countries while turning a blind eye to their own deep-rooted human rights issues, such as rampant gun crime, refugee crises and growing xenophobia, have a double standard on human rights, alongside a sense of superiority.

They politicize human rights, point fingers at others and even interfere in other countries' affairs, all in name of human rights.

A one-size-fits-all approach to human rights does not exist. Blindly copying other countries' development mode while disregarding one's own national conditions invariably leads to social instability, not the protection of human rights.

Each country should seek human rights suitable for its own national conditions.

China has lifted 700 million people out of poverty in more than 30 years of reform and opening up. The country is striving to lift another 55 million out of poverty and constantly improving people's living standards through steady economic development while enhancing social fairness and justice.

The country is also increasing investment in lesser developed countries, writing off certain countries' debts and furthering the Belt and Road Initiative, to achieve common development with other countries.

Improving human rights requires favorable international circumstances: countries should respect each other's human rights development, values, historical and cultural traditions, and political systems.

To better protect human rights, certain countries should abandon double standards, not to mention their sense of superiority. All countries should cooperate and communicate with each other on human rights as equals.

(Xinhua News Agency December 10, 2016)

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