Worthy of Praise
People from the world including WHO show gratitude to China’s effort in containing COVID-19
Edited by Li Fangfang  ·  2020-02-26  ·   Source: Web Exclusive

China's unprecedented public health responses to the COVID-19 outbreak have yielded notable results in blocking human-to-human transmission of the virus, preventing or at least delaying hundreds of thousands of cases, said a team consisting of experts from China and the World Health Organization (WHO). 

There is no question that China's bold approach to the rapid spread of this new respiratory pathogen has changed the course of what was a rapidly escalating and, continues to be, deadly epidemic, Bruce Aylward, a WHO epidemiologist who led an advance team from the WHO, said at a press conference of China-WHO joint expert team in Beijing on February 24. 

The remarks came after the 25-member team conducted a nine-day field study trip in China's Beijing, Guangdong, Sichuan and Hubei. 

"To the people in Wuhan, the world is in your debt, and when this disease finishes, hopefully, we will have a chance to thank the people in Wuhan for the role that they played in it," Aylward said. 

Since the coronavirus outbreak, many foreign countries and people have expressed their gratitude to Wuhan. The Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association (BGTEA) has collected more than 180 messages from countries outside China.  

"Many of our registered members encouraged their friends and colleagues to join the campaign for cheering up," Ding Zhifeng, Secretary of the BGTEA, told Beijing Review. 

Here are some of the blessings coming from those who were awarded Friendship Award, given annually by the Chinese Government to honor outstanding foreign experts in China.  

Michael Crook, co-founder of the non-profit Western Academy of Beijing: 

"The people of Wuhan are sure to defeat the novel coronavirus." 






David G. Evans, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Chairman of Beijing Regional Branch 

"Let's all support the heroes on the front line by using science to dispel rumors, thus reducing stress and helping to maintain a healthy immune system. Together we can win this battle!”  





Michael Harrold, the author of Comrades and Strangers: Behind the Closed Doors of North Korea 

"To those who are sacrificing so much, all we have to give is our solidarity."  






Mark Levine, an American country musician, PhD in sociology, author and professor 

"Once again the Chinese people will stand up and win this latest battle."  






Erik Robert Nilsson, senior journalist of China Daily, documentary writer, part-time university lecturer and social activist 

"Wuhan! The world carries you in our heart!"  





Dr. Danny Yu, Founder and President of Educational Services Exchange with China  

"No man is an island by entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main." 






Edwin Maher, a former broadcast journalist across networks of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 

"From Australia, our thoughts and prayers are with the Chinese people in their fight against the virus." 





Copyedited by Madhusudan Chaubey 

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