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Beware Extolling China to Danger With World-Level 'Responsibilities'
China should be responsible for its own people and the country's interests first, as this is its largest obligation to the global economy and peoples across the world. Only on this foundation, can China shoulder more international responsibilities in proportion to its capacities to promote a more fair global economic order, boost a new growth mode of mutual cooperation and benefits and contribute more to the future of the global economy
Why Is China Supposed to Be Responsible for the World?
Over the years, China's actions show it is a responsible country actively working for the promotion of world peace and development
China's Rare Earth Export Controls Not a Threat
Why can't countries like Japan understand Chinese enterprises' frustration at low rare earth prices and China's environmental woes caused by rare earth exploitation?
China Not Full-Fledged Creditor
China's status as the world's biggest creditor nation has yet to be fully established, and it should not undertake any responsibilities in that capacity
Economist: Yuan Is Not Undervalued
All the accusations that the renminbi’s exchange rate has been manipulated to stay at a low level and keeps going down are totally groundless and untrue
Expert: The 'Emissions Power' Is a Myth
Despite China's total carbon emission, which shows China is a major CO2 emitter, its per-capita emissions in 2007 were only 4.6 tons, less than 25 percent of the United States and only half of the EU
Is China Really the World’s Top Energy Consumer?
It is a misunderstanding to rebuke China for excessively high energy consumption, because U.S. per-capita energy consumption is 4.5 times higher than China's
High Savings Rate Not Wrong
The global financial crisis has a certain connection with the low savings rate in the United States. But China's high savings rate should not be blamed, because the two "rates" are not connected
Official: China's Trade Surplus Unintentional
China is not pursuing trade surplus, because excessive trade surplus will do no good to the long-term development of its economy
China Not the Only Rare Earth Exporter
Subjected to scathing censure, what difficulties are facing China's rare earth industry
- Finding the Right Pace
Sharp appreciation of the yuan will harm the country's economic stability and the global economic recovery
- From G8 to G20
The Toronto summit underlines the importance of the G20 as a new trendsetter for the world economy
- How Much Surplus Labor Is in the Countryside?
Amid worries over its aging population, China is confronted with serious challenges to sustain its labor supply so as to shore up its growing economy
- A Minor Player in the Global Game
Some say China needs a flexible exchange rate. That's a red herring
Crisis Focus
Bolstering the U.S. Middle Class
Income inequality in the United States becomes entrenched
- U.S. Policy, Not Immigration, at Fault
Immigration is not the problem, rather it's U.S. economic policy
- New Engines for Growth
The global financial crisis changed the global economic order
- Looking to China
Developed countries are now counting on emerging economies for growth
- The Second Day of Reckoning
On the second anniversary of the Lehman Brothers' failure, the world economy finds itself yet again at a "troubling juncture"
-Major Financial Crises in History
-Subprime Mortgage Crisis
-Bailout of U.S. Financial System
-Chronology of Financial Turmoil in EU
-Key Points of Eurozone Action Plan on Financial Crisis
-Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
-Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
-Bear Stearns Companies Inc.
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