A New Relationship Model
Xi's upcoming U.S. trip is vital for bilateral ties
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Did You Know
Special> 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the Chinese People's War Against Japanese Aggression> Did You Know

-How Were the Japanese War Crimes Tried?
-The People of Taiwan's Resistance against the Japanese and the Recovery of Taiwan
-Japan's Surrender and the Acceptance Ceremony in China
-The CPC Launched the First Strategic Counter-Offensives in the China Theater
-How Did China Participate in the Founding of the United Nations?
-How Did China, the U.S., and Britain Conduct Strategic Coordination during the Global War against Fascism?
-How Did the Japanese Military Carry out Its System of Sex Enslavement in China?
-What Kinds of Biological Warfare Did the Japanese Army Carry out in China?
-The Truth about the Nanjing Massacre
-The Chinese Expeditionary Force's Fight in Burma
-The Hundred-Regiment Campaign
-What Kinds of New Tactics Were Developed in China's Guerrilla Warfare against Japanese Aggression?
-What Did People around the World Do in Support of China's War of Resistance?
-What Did Overseas Chinese Do to Assist China's War of Resistance?
-How Did Chinese People at Home Get Involved and Support the War of Resistance?
-What Was Going on in Chinese Diplomacy after the Nationwide War of Resistance Began?
-What Kinds of Cultural and Educational Activities Were Drawn on in China to Support the Resistance Effort and How Were They Carried out?
-What Did the Chinese Government Do to Develop the Economy during the War of Resistance?
-Victory at Tai'erzhuang in the Battle of Xuzhou
-What Was the First Major Victory the Chinese Military Won during the War of Resistance?
-How Did the KMT Direct War Efforts in the Resistance?
-How Did the CPC Direct War Efforts in the Resistance?
-What Marked the Beginning of the Chinese Nationwide Resistance?
-What Signified That the Chinese United Front against Japanese Aggression Was Formally Taking Shape and How Did It Come About?
-How Was the Puppet State of Manchukuo Founded?
-What Incident Marked the Beginning of the War of Resistance?
-Why Was the China Theater the Main Eastern Theater in the Global War against Fascism?
-Why Was the CPC the Mainstay of Chinese United Resistance?
-Why Is the War of Resistance a National Turning Point from Decline to Rejuvenation?
-Why Is the Chinese War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression Said to Have Lasted 14 Years?
-Potsdam Proclamation
-China's Memorial Days on Anti-Japanese War
-'Comfort Women'
-Crimes of Unit 731
-Chinese Forced Laborers of Japanese Aggression
-Who Are the 14 Class-A War Criminals Enshrined at Yasukuni?
-About Yasukuni Shrine
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