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MFA on Health Regulation for Overseas Arrivals: Chinese and Foreign Nationals Treated as Equals

Passengers arrive at the Qingdao Liuting International Airport on February 25. The airport took initiative to communicate with foreign passengers to better ensure the epidemic control, and since February 24, it adopted stricter measures to manage people who entered China. (XINHUA) 

On 28 February, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian gave a regular press conference. One question was: with the COVID-19 outbreak spreading in the ROK, Japan and other countries, Chinese cities and provinces like Beijing and Shandong have tightened overall public health regulation on overseas arrivals. In Beijing, anyone who comes from or has been to a country or region severely affected by the epidemic needs to be quarantined for 14 days. Does that mean a full upgrade of restrictions for foreign nationals entering into China? 

Zhao Lijian said that the fight against the epidemic has entered a critical and most demanding stage. Across China, rigorous measures are being taken to prevent any possible resurgence. As the epidemic spreads overseas, Beijing has stepped up health regulation for overseas arrivals. Those who come from or have been to severely affected regions are recommended to receive a 14-day medical observation at home or in designated places. Foreign nationals are also asked to comply with health regulation measures of their residential communities to jointly prevent the risk of the epidemic. 

Zhao stressed that the epidemic control regulation in places like Beijing applies to all overseas arrivals who come from or have been to severely affected countries or regions, and equally applies to Chinese and foreign nationals. WHO experts pointed out that China's strategic and tactical approach to epidemic control, including quarantine measures, have been proven correct, and helped significantly curb the spread of the virus and block human-to-human transmission. The special measures at a special moment have been understood and supported by the Chinese people, and they will surely have the understanding and cooperation of relevant countries. China will work with those countries to jointly take prevention and control measures, and more effectively protect the life and health of Chinese and foreign nationals. 

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