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Zhang Xiaojuan's Dedication Inspires Poverty Alleviation Workers

Zhang Xiaojuan (2nd, R) talks with local people in Zhouqu County, in northwest Chinas Gansu Province. (XINHUA) 

She was the child of her parents, the wife of her husband, the mother of her kids — and she was also a fighter against poverty and the pride of all poverty-alleviation workers. These were the sorrowful words of Liu Xiaowei, a poverty-relief worker in Qiangtou Village in Dongxiang County, after hearing that Zhang Xiaojuan, Deputy Director of the Poverty Alleviation Office in Zhouqu County in northwest Chinas Gansu Province, died at her post. 

Zhang had worked in poverty alleviation since September 2008. On October 7, 2019, Zhang died in a car crash after she had finished inspecting the work of poverty alleviation in a village. 

Zhang was praised as a mobile database by local residents because she was so familiar with the situation in impoverished households and had conducted in-depth research in identifying poverty, poverty withdrawal, poverty alleviation fund management and project construction. 

As the liaison person for poverty alleviation matters in counties, villages and departments, she visited every poor household and put forward suggestions for the development of poverty-stricken villages. 

She set up Zhouqus WeChat account for poverty alleviation, publicizing policies in easy-to-understand language.   

Zhangs deeds touched many government staff and common workers, who vowed to learn from her and try their best in their work in order to win the battle against poverty and make a contribution to the better future of Gansu. 

Zhang remained true to her original aspiration and kept her mission firmly in mind. She always put other peoples interests first, and achieved extraordinary things in an ordinary job. We can learn a lot from her, Liu said. 

Li Wei, Deputy Director of Poverty Alleviation at the Workstation of Houchuan Town in Huining County, said: Through her actions, Zhang displayed the original aspirations that poverty alleviation officials should insist on. Although she cant work together with us anymore, her courage and selfless dedication will stay with us forever as we work to alleviate poverty. This year is a crucial year for Huining Countys battle against poverty. The local workers will spare no effort to fight against poverty with the encouragement of Zhangs spirit. 

After learning of her death, I felt sorry for the loss of her young life, and I was also deeply moved by her spirit, said Sun Zetao, team leader and first secretary of the village supporting team and teacher at Gansu Vocational & Technical College of Nonferrous Metallurgy. 

As someone who is the same age as Zhang, I will learn from her selfless devotion and do more for the happiness of people, bringing hope to people in poverty, Sun added. 

Liu Wei, an official of the Organization Department of the CPC Lanzhous Chengguan District Committee, added: Zhang visited every corner of Zhouqu and dedicated herself to helping impoverished families in Zhouqu shake off poverty. Such a down-to-earth working style deserves every CPC member to learn. In the future, we should keep people's interests first in mind at any time, try our best to fulfil every task and create a better life for the local people. 

Because of Zhangs selfless dedication to poverty alleviation, the All-China Womens Federation decided to award Zhang the honor of the National March 8th Red-banner Holder in December 2020.  

Source: Gansu Daily 

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