Xi stresses solid implementation of decisions, arrangements on carbon peaking, neutrality
  ·  2022-01-26  ·   Source: Xinhua News Agency

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, has stressed profoundly analyzing the country's situation and tasks on advancing the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality work, and making solid efforts to implement decisions and arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee.

Xi made the remarks on January 24 while addressing a group study session of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee has achieved marked progress in boosting the green transition of social and economic development, Xi said, urging efforts to recognize the significance of realizing the carbon peaking and neutrality goals and beef up confidence on promoting the work.

Stressing the country's green pursuit is no easy job, Xi said strategic thinking must be improved as people should bear in mind the big picture throughout the whole process of delivering the carbon peaking and neutrality goals.

The relations between development and emission reduction must be properly handled, Xi said.

Cutting emissions is not aimed at curbing productivity or no emissions at all, Xi said, stressing that the economic development and green transition should be mutually reinforcing.

While bringing down carbon emissions, efforts should be made to safeguard energy security, industrial and supply chain security, and food security, as well as ensure people's normal daily lives, Xi said.

Xi stressed national and regional policy coordination and said the "one-size-fits-all" approach should not be adopted.

Both goals in the long run and short-term targets should be taken into account, Xi said, stressing efforts to get the right tempo and strength in carbon cut. He also urged the alignment of a capable government and an effective market.

Xi urged enabling China's institutional advantages, resources, technology potentials and market vitality to play better roles in accelerating the formation of resource-conserving and environment-friendly industrial structures, production modes, living styles and spatial layout.

Coordination should be strengthened to take concerted moves in reducing carbon emissions, cutting pollution, expanding green efforts and promoting growth, Xi said.

On advancing energy revolution, Xi noted that the gradual exit of traditional energy sources should be based on the safe and reliable substitution of new energy sources.

China should resolutely control fossil fuel consumption, especially regulating the growth of coal consumption in a strict and reasonable manner, Xi said.

China should consolidate the foundation for domestic energy production, ensure coal supply security, and keep steady growth of crude oil and natural gas output, according to Xi.

It is necessary to accelerate the development of new energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass and hydrogen energy that have scale and benefits, coordinate hydropower development and ecological protection, and actively develop nuclear power in a safe and orderly manner, according to Xi.

On industrial upgrading, Xi urged efforts to deepen integration between green and low-carbon industry and new technologies like internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and 5G.

Efforts should be made to increase the proportion of green and low-carbon sector in the Chinese economy while strictly curbing the blind expansion of energy-intensive, high emission and low-standard projects, he noted.

Xi also underscored accelerating green and low-carbon technological revolution, calling for efforts to advance related technological breakthroughs, research and development, and application.

The country should further improve the "dual control" system on both total energy consumption and energy intensity, as well as standards for carbon peaking and neutrality, and build a unified and standardized calculating system for carbon emissions, Xi said.

Xi called for efforts to fully leverage market mechanism, improve carbon pricing mechanism and strengthen coordination in trading of electricity, carbon emission rights and energy consumption rights.

China will take a more active role to participate in the global climate negotiations agenda and the formulation of international rules, with the aim of building a fair and equitable global climate governance system featuring mutually beneficial cooperation, Xi said.

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