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PLA Eastern Theater Command concludes patrol, military exercises around Taiwan Island
  ·  2023-04-11  ·   Source: Xinhua News Agency

The Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has accomplished all tasks in the combat readiness patrol and military exercises carried out from April 8 to 10 around the island of Taiwan.

The operations have comprehensively tested the integrated joint combat capability of the PLA's multiple services and arms under actual combat conditions.

Upon the order to launch the operations, multiple task forces of the command, involving the army, navy, air, and rocket forces, were quickly mobilized and assembled to the designated areas for combat deployment, creating an omni-directional deterrence situation around the island.

The air force under the command deployed dozens of J-16 and J-10C fighter jets mounted with live ammunition to carry out multiple waves of strikes on mid- and long-range air targets with the guidance and support of early warning aircraft, jammers and tankers.

Multiple destroyers and frigates from the theater command's naval force created deterrence by advancing on the waters around the island of Taiwan at high speed. Drills were conducted for close-range assault, long-range deterrence, and air and missile defense. The naval formation and submarine-hunting aircraft cooperated to form a joint anti-submarine system.

The operations effectively tested the capabilities of the participating troops to seize control of targeted sea areas, airspace and relevant information, with the support of the joint operations system.

Multiple services and arms of the PLA carried out comprehensive and precise simulated attacks on the key targets in the island and surrounding waters.

The PLA Navy aircraft carrier Shandong formation closely coordinated with the previously deployed navy and air forces of the command to organize exercises and training in airspace control, sea target assault and support through coordinated action.

Zhang Benming, a PLA Air Force senior colonel of the Eastern Theater Command, said that during the deterrence military operations, the troops advanced toward and besieged the island from multiple directions, with their abilities of seizing command, precision strikes and three-dimensional blockade with the support of the joint operations system being comprehensively tested.

The troops are ready and able to fight at any time to resolutely crush any form of attempt to seek "Taiwan independence" and external interference, and they have the courage to fight and the mettle to win, Zhang said.


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