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Pakistan seeks Chinese investment in energy sector and CPEC ventures
  ·  2024-03-29  ·   Source: The Daily Mail, Pakistan

Pakistan is actively pursuing Chinese investment opportunities to fortify bilateral ties and fuel economic growth, said Aslam Chaudhary Economic Minister at the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing on March 25. 

Addressing a seminar titled "CPEC and Trade and Investment Opportunities in Pakistan" at the China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE), Aslam Chaudhary said that the energy sector emerges as a key area for investment with the government's focus on renewable energy sources. Pakistan has vast untapped potential in hydropower, wind, and solar energy, presenting lucrative investment opportunities. 

"Last year our government announced an alternate energy policy under which we have a projection that by the year 2030, 60 percent of the energy mix would be from green and renewable energy sources. Currently, we have 33 percent," he stated. 

Haseeb Gohar, Haseeb Gohar, Political Counsellor, Pakistani Embassy in China, said that Special Economic Zones (SEZs) along the CPEC route further incentivize investment, offering tax holidays and streamlined processes for businesses. With SEZs being developed across provinces, each area's unique resources and ecosystem are leveraged for development. 

He said that the second phase of CPEC promises increased industrialization and investment, further solidifying the bond between the two nations and driving economic growth for Pakistan.

As opportunities abound across various sectors, investors are encouraged to explore and capitalize on Pakistan's potential for development.

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