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The basis of friendship between countries
  ·  2021-08-09  ·   Source: NO.32 AUGUST 12, 2021

The Global Young Leaders Dialogue 2021 Annual Forum took place in Beijing on July 29-30, attended by some 140 China-based representatives and scholars from different countries. Themed on different responsibilities of younger generations, the participants discussed an array of global issues, including sustainable development, public health, scientific and technological innovation.

The experience of working and living in China makes foreign young professionals better understand China's real-time circumstances and its great contributions to the international community in terms of poverty eradication, the fight against COVID-19 and the Belt and Road Initiative. They hope that the international community can eliminate misunderstanding and prejudice, foster solidarity and forge bonds of mutual trust to make the world a more inclusive, open, peaceful and harmonious place.

China has established high-level bilateral people-to-people exchanges with numerous countries worldwide, and people-to-people exchanges have become one of the three pillars of the country's diplomatic relations, along with economic and trade cooperation and political mutual trust. The amity between people should start from and with the younger generations. The common interests and ideals they hold for life unite them in true friendship.

At present, certain countries are pursuing unilateralism, imposing an antagonistic impact onto international people-to-people exchanges and the creation of a consensus among people around the globe. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic, too, has increased the qualms posed to globalization.

Young people are an important force in sustaining global dialogue and multilateral cooperation, and they are the most dynamic and innovative power driving solutions to global issues. Therefore, in the current international context, they must take up and shoulder their responsibilities to promote a globalization featuring fairness, prosperity and diversity.

No nation can rely solely on its own strength in development. A country will achieve progress only through open exchange and preserving regular economic and cultural ties with the rest of the world. Young people everywhere should establish a global perspective and enhance awareness of cooperation in order to jointly create a better future for humanity. We hope that the younger generations from all countries will share their outlook on the world with a mutual sense of appreciation and an eagerness to learn more.

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