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LegCo election marks a fresh starting point for Hong Kong SAR's good governance
Editorial  ·  2021-12-24  ·   Source: NO.52 DECEMBER 30, 2021

History is made by people. With concrete actions and votes, the people of Hong Kong have jointly ushered in a new chapter in the history of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), also known as the Pearl of the Orient.

As the votes for 90 members of the seventh-term Legislative Council (LegCo), who hold different ideas, religious beliefs, occupations and interests, were cast and counted by December 20, a brighter future for Hong Kong is taking shape.

This election, the first to occur under the Hong Kong SAR's improved electoral system, has demonstrated the true will of Hong Kong residents, and substantiated the diversity of Hong Kong's democracy and rule of law.

Reality already proves the new electoral system better befits Hong Kong's concrete conditions. The varied backgrounds of the new LegCo members highlight the newfangled electoral system's broad representation, political inclusiveness, balanced participation, and fair competition. Furthermore, the newly initiated structure has left those opposing China and attempting to destabilize Hong Kong, as well as manipulation and interference from the outside, with no room to roam.

Altogether, the election marks a fresh starting point for the Hong Kong SAR's good governance.

The LegCo election puts an end to the meaningless infighting that once troubled the legislative body and fundamentally safeguards the region's stable political pulse and administrative security, all in all creating a more harmonious social climate. Consequently, economic and social policies can be executed more effectively within the special administrative region and ensure its sustained economic development and overall interests.

Acting in the fundamental interests of the country and Hong Kong, the LegCo will strive to forge an enhanced landscape of governance in Hong Kong, benefiting all layers of society.

There is every reason to believe the Pearl of the Orient will shine brighter than ever before.

In the coming year, we hope society will absorb the lessons of challenges and cooperation alike from this year and realize which is the right direction for a shared future. We hope there will be less polarity and more harmony, fewer political infighting and greater consolidation.

We wish all of you a very Happy New Year. 

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