Beijing 2022 Games volunteer prep
  ·  2021-12-15  ·   Source: Web Exclusive


Shuey Rhon Rhon, the personification of a red lantern, is the mascot for the Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 (COURTESY PHOTO)  

CCM students in Beijing hosted an experiential event boosting volunteer services and offering those helping out more knowledge about the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. Volunteers and CCM students in attendance got the opportunity to gain some first-hand practical understanding of various ice sports, including curling and ice hockey.    

According to the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, some 960,000 candidates from 168 countries and regions worldwide have applied to serve the Beijing 2022 Games, set to kick off on February 4. 


Students of the Central Conservatory of Music (CCM) indulge in a game of ice kickball in Beijing on December 3. A team scores one point for each ball that moves closer to the center of the rings than the closest ball to the button of the opposing team (COURTESY PHOTO) 


CCM students play a game of curling in Beijing on December 3. A team scores one point for each stone that is closer to the button than the closest stone to the button of the opposing team. Only stones that are in or touching the rings when viewed from overhead are eligible for point score. (COURTESY PHOTO)  


CCM students strike and score in Beijing on December 3. Ice hockey is a game that integrates football, hockey and skating skills. (COURTESY PHOTO) 

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